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Radio Free Mormon: 259: Mormonism and the Rules of Evidence

I am joined by fellow attorney Kolby Reddish to discuss the Rules of Evidence that apply in courts of law and see how the LDS Church would fare if compelled to abide by those same rules!

Spoiler Alert! It doesn’t end up well for the LDS Church!


11 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 259: Mormonism and the Rules of Evidence”

  1. Excellent. Thank you both for the references and explanations. Will listen to any podcast you do questioning the authenticity / integrity of church leaders and the way they choose to twist the doctrine and history to fit their current narrative.

  2. It’s as if the papyri were a spiritual medium, the same way the seer stones were. As if the papyri themselves were urim and thummim.

  3. Loved this show!

    I would love to see a similar show that gets into discussing to concept of Mormon covenants in the context of contract law.

    Why makes a contact legally enforceable? What are the elements of a bonafide contract?

    Do the “covenants” that Mormons make starting at age 8 that we are taught are essentially similar to binding contracts actually stand up to legal contract law scrutiny?

  4. Kolby talked a lot about the final / dying testimony of Ema and David. Would love to read those – having trouble finding them. It would be fantastic to get that information in the show notes?

    1. Hi Richard, great question. I think the spam filter is keeping me from posting the links I used, but they’re both on Archive dot org. Just search for the “Last Testimony of Sister Emma” and “An Address to All Believers in Christ” there and you should find these documents.

      Alternatively, I’ll be putting together the outlines and links to the sources we used after Part 3 is completed on my blog for easy reference.

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