Bill & RFM take a look at the Life of Francis Gladden Bishop, another Latter-day Saint who claimed to be the rightful heir to Joseph Smith after the martyrdom as part of the Mormon Succession Crisis.



One Reply to “Mormonism LIVE: 110: Francis Gladden Bishop – Succession Crisis, Orgies, & Sacred Relics”

  1. Y’all are using Article of Faith number two out of context. Although you aren’t the first ones to do so. Church leaders have probably done the same on multiple occasions.

    Article of Faith number two is a restoration response to the Christian idea of original sin. That was one of Joseph Smith’s innovations responding to the problems he perceived in 19th century Christianity. Joseph Smith pushed back by saying that humans aren’t born inherently sinful. So you can’t necessarily use article of Faith number two as a proof text opposing the church’s changes to its definition of apostasy

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