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Jenn Kamp And John Dehlin At 8-30-2022 OSF Board Meeting

Included here is the complaint OSF filed


Jenn Kamp’s Complaint Filed


6 thoughts on “Jenn Kamp And John Dehlin At 8-30-2022 OSF Board Meeting”

  1. Excellent podcast. Really appreciated your sharing JD’s counter suite. By chance do you have Jenn Camp’s as well? If so, that might be interesting as well.

    BTW, I really like the new logo!

    1. There is one thing I noticed repeatedly that OSF and/or John failed to acknowledge or directly address. There were many references to implied underperformance by Jenn, yet it was never stated explicitly. I don’t understand why it was cloaked in language like “help you be successful”, etc instead of addressing it head-on.

  2. After listening to the 8/30/22 meeting (and not knowing anything about the subsequent events), I would have terminated her for insubordination, poor work attitude, failure to observe personal/work boundaries, and, of course, recording a conversation without consent. Employees like that become a cancer in an organization and I have had to terminate too many on similar grounds. However, I have to say she reminded me a lot of my young self in her attitude. Somehow many mormon women are not prepared for professional life and I had many of the same attitudes that she displayed. I wonder what it is in our upbringing that causes that. However, I had none of the maliciousness she has subsequently displayed and I figured out the attitude and workplace issues.

  3. I find it striking, how many people still support John, after all of the complaints, against him. I feel there is a reason, for all of those complaints.
    No one has been successful yet, because John uses donor money, to fight these claims.
    Patriarchy reigns supreme still!!??
    Just looking at the impact, that this has made on Jenn, has been very eye opening. What a tragedy.

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