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Mormonism LIVE: 116: Who Really Killed Joseph Smith?

On June 27th 1844, Joseph Smith, the Mormon Prophet, was martyred at Carthage Jail by a mob. Or at least that is how the generally accepted story goes. In the last 8 months, Justin Griffin (Director & Producer) and Steve Sorensen (Film Maker), have shared their research that maybe things are not what we have been told. They present their experts, their research, and their conclusions that it was in fact John Taylor and Willard Richards that in fact murdered their own prophet in cold blood. RFM and Bill take a look at their research and the testimony of their experts to see what can be seen with a critical eye. Is this research true? Was Joseph Smith and Hyrum Smith killed by their friends?





2 thoughts on “Mormonism LIVE: 116: Who Really Killed Joseph Smith?”

  1. You are all wrong! It was OBVIOUSLY the Pentaverate. Iā€™m starting my own petition to exhume Colonel Sanders to prove it!

    Maybe you should do a show on why Mormons (including so many of us post-Mormons) are hard wired for conspiracy theories. We see Gadianton Robbers behind every Bushman.

  2. Willards and Taylor were involved in a counterfeiting group in Nauvoo, Joseph and Hyrum were onto them and meant to overthrow them. The counterfeiters conspired likewise, to overthrow Joseph and Hyrum, and got opportuned to overthrow them while they and some companions of the Smiths were all in the sweltering upstairs of the Carthage Jail, the window was opened to let out the sweltering, and those companions were sent out until it was just Willards, Taylor, Joseph and Hyrum Smith, and then a mob came upon Carthage Jail and present to that time, Willards and Taylor assassinated Joseph and Hyrum with Shahlayli and Pepperbox respectively, and Willards cast Joseph from the open window unto the mob, of the vanguard of whom was an Exmormon by the name of William Vorhees who also assassinated Joseph at that time, mocking him saying “practice ‘Spiritual Wifery’ in hell”. Vorhees and the vanguard of the mob were wounded by the Smiths with pepperbox during this time, and they were therefore the only suspects of the mobbing, and thus were known to have fled away to Arkansas and they were not arrested. All of Vorhees’ family as it happened remained Mormon and would follow Brigham Young (unbeknownst to the Mormons a counterfeiter) to Utah after Morley Settlement, where they lived, was destroyed by the mob, and it’s been suggested that Vorhees sisters were married to Joseph Smith which would explain William Vorhees’ knowledge of Spiritual Wifery, and give W. Vorhees, for him in his view, a serious slight, apparently being protective of his sister(s) from engaging in plural marriage, sufficient he felt he had to become involved in such a mob. He is known to have went to Arkansas, as were a number of the mob known to have gone to Arkansas, or at least they were known as such by Danites that would for their part go to Utah and establish there. Subsequent pioneers coming from Arkansas through Utah would be attacked and destroyed by those Danites, Brigham Young claiming it was revenge but denying involvement while his son-in-law John Lee, who had been a leader in the mob which carried out the deed, blamed Brigham Young for ordering it. The Arkansan Pioneers had had nothing to do with Carthage Jail or Mormonism and were utterly innocent. There are other occasions upon which Brigham Young has been accused of using Danites for such purposes. William Cutler, a son of a rival claimant to the presidency, Alpheus Cutler, is known to have died in the same year that his father Alpheus emancipated himself from Brigham Young, and Heber Kimball who was Alpheus’ father in law (and son in law?), but Alpheus divorced from Kimball’s daughter(s) and claimed to be President of the LDS church instead of Brigham; William Cutler had lead the Nauvoo Legion during the Battle of Nauvoo, and went to Utah before his father Alpheus disavowed Young and Kimball and stayed in Iowa. Is it possible Brigham or Kimball were involved in the demise of William Cutler, who was to memory a man only in his 30’s or early 40’s? What about Louisa Beaman, who died in her 20’s or 30’s in Utah, having been a plural wife of Joseph Smith? What is known about her and the circumstances of her untimely demise? Was she, like her husband before her, killed for somehow being in the way of the Counterfeiters?

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