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Radio Free Mormon: 268: RFM Has Lightbulb Moment About A New Lawsuit Idea

What if the liability of the LDS Church has changed this week by the very acts it admitted this week?  What a novel and deeply true idea.  Imagine the church losing a class action sort of legal action. It’s one of those rare moments to affect more than normal where an added segment of people think a new thought that changes everything


4 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 268: RFM Has Lightbulb Moment About A New Lawsuit Idea”

  1. Love this RFM. I’ve been exmo for years but, my 87 yr Dad died last week, My Mom (8yr younger than Dad) is widowed with major financial stress.
    They were married 59 yrs. Tithe paying for 70yrs. The rage I feel over the complete grift that kolobian church has pulled.
    Let’s go!

  2. I prefer pushing the principal that church members have all things in common. Of course the announcement that the surplus of money in the”bishop’s storehouse” would be shared to the members would be a great test of how many members there really are. And it could be the greatest boost to missionary efforts ever!

    More serious matter is when will the leaders of the corporate church explain why they have accumulated such wealth and what in the wide world of sports is their plan to use that wealth to strengthen the church?

    First, no matter what the apologists say, this wealth was seeded by tithe payers and would not exist without tithe payers. And now we know the church does not need tithe payers. Yet the church keeps collecting tithes and then demands members pay to serve missions and accept the corporate church dictate how tithes are spent – a portion is given back to wards to fund their shoestring budgets. Other than that the corporate church uses tithing funds completely by its discretion.

    This is completely inconsistent with how a Christian church should function. Hoarding is a sin and one specifically Jesus condemned – see Luke 12:16-20.

    So brethren, step up and give answers and explanations. What are your intentions?

  3. Umm, yes, absolutely brilliant. Having dutifully paid tithing when considered poor (below poverty line) by US government while juggling small kids, working, and going to college; I would sign up immediately to be part of that class action suit!

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