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Mormonism Live: 125: Gospel Fully Restored or Just The Beginning Of An Ongoing Restoration?

When the Phrase “Ongoing Restoration” showed up around 2020 Critics paused as this seemed to be the Church saying something different as if the Church now wanted the restoration to be much earlier in its stage of development than had been intimated in the past. So Bill & RFM take long look over Mormonism’s history to see what has been said and what it might mean.



2 thoughts on “Mormonism Live: 125: Gospel Fully Restored or Just The Beginning Of An Ongoing Restoration?”

  1. Great episode. There is and will be so much to analyze and discuss about the church of Russell M Nelson. The man has an ego and he is determined to flex it.

    Problem for the church leadership is that they are changing the church experience and it is becoming a “New Coke” phenomenon. But unlike the actual Coca Cola, church leadership will not be able to say “just kidding” and bring the old church back.

    As was mentioned in the episode, what made the church of our generation special was its claim of authenticity. This message not only attracted us GenXers, but it was the power that motivated the early saints to cross the plains and settle the land that became Utah.

    Can the church leadership distance itself from the “pioneer” personalities and still hold onto the narrative of being the authentic church? I don’t think it can. That narrative was sustained with a lot of church investment – especially pageants but also music and a direct link to America’s founding.

    For a worldwide church the story of Joseph Smith and then early American and English Christians traveling to Utah loses appeal UNLESS the leadership makes it part of the narrative. I see a church leadership becoming less interested in sustaining the pioneer narrative. But without these stories of sacrifice and faith, the Mormon mystique becomes a bit thin and empty.

    And do away with all things Mormon and what then is the selling point of the church? What is it unique message and story that will motivate members and attract converts who will be similarly motivated to make the sacrifices to sustain the church effort?

  2. I am no fan of the Mormon church and it is good that you document how the concept of on going restoration is new. But rather than criticizing this change I look at it as the groundwork for the church to be able to make all the changes we want to see. I doubt this is why Nelson is doing it, but this may allow future presidents to justify liberal changes.

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