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Radio Free Mormon: 279: Red-Handed! How the First Presidency Got Caught Breaking the Law!

A new BOMBSHELL report lays out how the First Presidency not only actively engaged in defrauding the Federal Government in the SEC Scandal, but also how the First Presidency is still actively engaged in deceiving its own members by portraying themselves as innocent of any wrongdoing!

You just can’t make this stuff up!

I am joined in this analysis by University of Illinois Assistant Professor of Accounting Spencer Anderson.

Special thanks to the WIDOW’S MITE REPORT for researching and discovering this groundbreaking information!


2 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 279: Red-Handed! How the First Presidency Got Caught Breaking the Law!”

  1. Somebody out there should try to contact and interview the shell company “business managers,” especially those who resigned. Was the nature of the transaction intentionally obscured from them, and they just trusted their superiors? Or were they explicitly told to collude in the lies?

  2. Hey RFM, love the podcast. I’m always listening by going to your website – from my iphone, and I think your podcast player could be improved. I’ve been a computer programmer for over 20 years and if you wanted to put a better player in there I could help…something that’s a little bigger….has “forward 30 secs”, “back 30 secs”. I’d look for something free that doesn’t cost you any money…haven’t really looked much as of late, but I’ve done this before with video players.

    Maybe I’m missing something and not clicking the right button? 🙂

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