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RFM: 280: Compelling Reasons to Doubt Mormonism!

In a strange twist of fate, my old missionary companion, Kyle McKay, has become not only a General Authority, but also the Church Historian!

Now Kyle gets the chance to have his old missionary companion do a dissection of the talk he gave at BYU-Idaho on April 25, 2023; a talk many consider to be one of the most controversial talks given by a church leader in recent memory!

It has taken Kyle 43-years to prepare himself to give this talk.

It has taken me 43-years to prepare myself to break it down!


14 thoughts on “RFM: 280: Compelling Reasons to Doubt Mormonism!”

  1. I listened a little bit to your podcast. Your arguments sound the same as the Pharisees and Sadducees in the Savior’s day – pick it apart based on human education. I myself know, without a doubt, that the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints is the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, and it is true to this day and will be into the millennium. your commentary was so laughable I had to quit listening.

    1. If “human education” can pick apart God’s arguments, God needs to go back to school. Thanks for listening, though!

    2. Thanks for your testimony. In 30 plus years of Church, I never heard anyone bear their testimony in those exact same words! I’m sure you were compelled to write it here.

    3. The millenium that Joseph Smith said would start in 1890? Cool.

      Funny how racism was true gospel doctrine until 1978. Funny how I was taught in primary that Jesus didn’t want any credit or glory for his service, but President Nelson told us he’s offended that he’s not getting credit now so we can’t say “mormon” Crazy how the truth keeps changing. Isn’t that a hallmark of Jesus’ true gospel? Everchanging? Must be.

      McKay’s speech was so mean-spirited. I couldn’t have listened to it without RFM’s input. Well done RFM.

  2. I’ve been waiting for this! Thanks!
    It also helps to go to the topical guide in the scriptures and see in which scriptures the word “compell” is used.
    Thanks again, as always, love your insight.

  3. Hi RFM
    Jane was successful in getting her temple blessings by going sealed as a servant for all eternity to JS
    ( Not as adopted daughter or wife but an eternal servant)

    Jane Elizabeth Manning [James]50 (a Negro [woman])[:] Do you wish to be attached as a Servitor for eternity to the prophet Josep[h] Smith and in this capacity be connected with his family and be obedient to him in all things in the Lord as a faithful Servitor? (Answer[:] Yes.)51 Pres[iden]t Joseph F. Smith acting for and in behalf of the Prophet Joseph Smith: Do you wish to receive Jane James as a Servitor to yourself and family: (Answer[:] Yes.) By the authority given me of the Lord I pronounce you, Jane James, a Servitor to the Prophet Joseph Smith (President Joseph F. Smith acting for and an[d] in his behalf) and to his household for all eternity, through your faithfulness in the new and everlasting covenant, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. —Book of Temple Ordinances, May 18, 1894, pp. 33-34, citing Adoption Record A:26

  4. Classic RFM! Lost count of how many “amens” I declared throughout, especially regarding God’s insistence on making personal revelations so hard for us to receive/hear/understand/distinguish from Satan’s ruse. I tried for 35 years. I guess it was MY fault that all my faith and works in the church were not enough to earn me a sure foundation. My bad.
    Thanks, RFM. Enjoyed that.

  5. Opposition in all things and God gives no wrong commandments.????
    .He has not read Ezekiel……Ezekiel is the reason I quit believing in god.

  6. RFM,
    You probably have heard this already but intro to your buddy McKay sure sounds to be David Bedinar and not Eyring , just saying

  7. Kyle you enunciated the hell out of that talk, I’m sure Ron Burgundy would be proud. I however couldn’t help hearing your voice as someone desperately trying to win the lead role in a community play.
    Your reference to Jane James made me especially sick to my stomach.
    RFM your commentary was on point as usual. This episode really hit me for some reason, and appreciate the work you do.
    Today I become a monthly subscriber, I can’t take back my tithing or change the damage my donations to the church may have caused, but I can contribute today to something much more worthy.
    Thank you sir.

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