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RFM: 281: My Debate with a Church of Christ Minister!

At the zenith of my Mormon apologetics back in 1990, I engaged in a public debate with a Church of Christ minister from Austin, Texas.

This is the story of that debate.


1 thought on “RFM: 281: My Debate with a Church of Christ Minister!”

  1. Jesus was only Xcified for about 24 hours, the Two Thieves were taken down in accord with the holiday at that time, and were hobbled so they could not escape, Jesus had reportedly drank of an amphora of a vinegar drink, and then appeared to be exhausted, and appeared to have been killed by being Xcified, is it possible He in fact was in a trance like unto the Kali Mudra, wherein the yogi enters into a meditative trance, and is entranced enough that needles can be pressed through their cheeks without being unentranced. There is no evidence He practiced yoga, but why couldn’t He have, or have had a similar meditative power, or in as His case would have required, probably, an even greater mediative prowess, such as to withstand a spear shank in the side without being unentranced, and presumedly without appearing to be breathing. If anyone could enter such a trance, why not Jesus. Why was He already in such shape that he succumbed to Xcifixion so quickly, even while the Two Thieves who were Xcified at the same time were well enough to escape if they had not otherwise been brutalized about the legs. Is He known to have had a weak constitution? The Roman soldier shanking Him was the greatest threat to his survival depicted in John, and He could of had His shank wound looked at off-page. And then there is the scientific conundrum of a man having been killed by Xcifixion, and then rising and talking to His friends, and going fishing upon Lake Tiberias. For this to be a reality He must have been alive, or John has at best fabricated the events subsequent to Jesus’ demise in Jerusalem.

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