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Mormon Magic Parchments: Mormonism LIVE: 132

Dan Vogel sits down with RFM & Bill not only to talk about his new book “Charisma under Pressure: Joseph Smith, American Prophet, 1831–1839” but to also flesh out some of the incredible ideas in his recent YouTube video “Joseph Smith, the Necromancer”.


Twilit Grotto — Esoteric

Old Bountiful Museum – World of Urban

Oracles and Talismans, Forgery and Pansophia: Joseph Smith. Jr. as a Renaissance Magus – General Discussions – Mormon Dialogue & Discussion

Wilford C. Wood – Mormonism, The Mormon Church, Beliefs, & Religion –

A-Man-of-Vision-and-Determination-A-Photographic-Essay-and-Tribute-to-Wilford-C.-Wood.pdf ( –

Story behind Joseph and Hyrum Death Masks – Joseph Smith Jr and Emma Hale Smith Historical Society –

Framing a 17th Century Work on Parchment – Bark Frameworks


2 thoughts on “Mormon Magic Parchments: Mormonism LIVE: 132”

  1. Please don’t publish my name, but I just have to comment. I’m familiar with Dan’s work and genius.

    I stand in awe of his ability to observe, compile and regurgitate facts, figures, details at any point is just phenomenal.

    Dan Vogel could have focused his genius in ANY subject of this world or other worlds, and yet he dedicates his life work to unraveling the history and lore of JS and the church. I am so grateful for his dedication and I hope that Dan recognizes the personal benefit that many of us revive as a result of his work.

    You are saving lives, Dan. You are freeing our head chains and lifetimes of indoctrination.

    Thank you for a great episode! Thank you for sharing all your information… all of you!

  2. A lot of this sounds like a shotgun approach of just searching out contemporary “hits” anywhere you can find them.

    I guess if thereare enough hits maybe it becomes compelling evidence. For now it sounds too much like apologists using things such as Nahom as BoM evidences.

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