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RFM: 283: Church Historian on the Hot Seat!

On Saturday, April 22, 2023, Church Historian Elder Kyle McKay sat down with an inactive former seminary teacher named Joe for a candid discussion about Church History.

Things got very interesting very quickly!

This is the recording of that meeting!

Joe’s Document “In Defense of Doubt” –
Elder McKay’s Letter back to him –


4 thoughts on “RFM: 283: Church Historian on the Hot Seat!”

  1. I would thank Church Historian Elder Kyle McKay for validating that one can leave the LdS Church without any guilt or remorse – and for an extremely good and legitimate reason to boot!

    After all, since the whole point of this whole exercise is to follow Jesus Christ first, foremost, and above all, why do we need such a flawed high-demand institution that is so clearly led by abusive, deceptive false prophets (up to and including the founding prophet) and phony baloneys getting between us and Jesus Christ?

    So, God bless you Elder McKay for validating what so many Ex-Mormon Christians have found out for themselves by leaving Mormonism and transitioning into mainstream, Biblical Christianity.

    You are not only a mensch and maven, Elder McKay, but you just might also be the only honest person left in the upper echelons of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! Thank you, sir. They clearly have the right man in the right place doing the right job and saying the right things.

    You rock!

    Keep up the great work, Elder McKay! You have my full support in this wonderful initiative to give Mormons, Jesus without Joseph (and the mountain of useless baggage that comes with the latter).

  2. Thankyou RFM for posting this, and Joe, if you are reading this, thanks for your bravery. I had a few thoughts I wanted to add.

    My faith crisis began about 9 months ago, and I would also characterize it as a truth crisis. Once I was able to see through the carefully crafted lies the church leadership had told for years, it was hard to ever trust them again. I also had an in home visit from church leadership, albeit it was an area authority, and the visit went about the same. Trust in Jesus and everything else will work out. Sorry, that doesn’t work for me.

    One other point I want to bring up was about the mountains. You stated something like you would get more peace and feeling closer to the divine when out in nature. I have always felt this way and thought something was wrong with me. Even in my most TBM of days I would have a greater spiritual experience going on a hike vs spending an afternoon in the temple. Hearing you talk about it as well gives me more validation.

    Great work and keep it up!

      (for the thin skinned and/or tender eared)
      Personally, I would take an afternoon in the dentist chair getting a root canal over an afternoon in the temple – even if it’s just via a NewNameNoah video.

      It would be less painful.

      But that’s me. Actual results may vary.

  3. Is there a way to contact Mavis. I listened last week. She only made a few comments but it really hit home with me. Is there a way to talk with her?

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