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RFM: 286: No Ma’am, That’s Not History!

Did Joseph Smith practice polygamy?  As obvious as the answer to that question may seem to you and to other trained professional historians both inside and outside the LDS Church, there is a small but growing group of Mormons or former Mormons who maintain that Joseph Smith did NOT practice polygamy.

Ms. Michelle Stone is one such person, and she posted a podcast responding to the Mormonism Live episode from a couple of weeks ago where we put forward the compelling evidence that Joseph Smith DID IN FACT practice polygamy.

In this podcast, I show how Ms. Stone’s response to the evidence we presented is woefully inadequate, and further has all the earmarks of the types of “reasoning” and “logic” common to conspiracy theorists of all stripes.

This is one for the record books!


6 thoughts on “RFM: 286: No Ma’am, That’s Not History!”

  1. I was getting interested in this, then you went on a very distracting tangent about the moon landing. Jesus. It was a hoax. Your going to need to do more research. Just like Joseph was a Mason… the moon landing was staged by a whole bunch of Freemasons. You can find videos of one of them admitting they never went to the moon. NASA means SATAN Ummmm T minus. Satan minus the T. The earth measurements are all 666 66.66 6,666. Wish you would have left that whole piece out.

  2. RFM,

    So much fun that after enduring two hours your breakdown of Ms. Stone’s craziness I got to hear my name mentioned over and over!!

    I’m a long time listener and supporter.

    Keep up the good work!!

    John Bernhisel

  3. You are certainly capable of doing good research…your 2 part series on the Apostolic Coup via Brigham was for the most part outstanding…unfortunately, this isn’t one of those times.

    Your mind seems solidified into the accepted narrative. It’s easy as humans to do this, but it’s usually at the expense of the factual truth of the matter.

    Oh yes, Brigham is guilty of all you present him to be (even more so). I believe you are missing the major and decades long frame of Joseph via Brigham and company. Chew on that nut for awhile when you have time to get into the deep weeds. You have to ask yourself along the way…why the frame-up, if Joseph was already involved??

    The LDS church goes to extreme lengths to protect Brigham…when you realize their entire succession/authority/existence depends on it…motivations and methods of the frame, come into focus with much greater clarity.

  4. I just signed up again for a monthly donation. I had been paying monthly before but stopped after about a year because I thought I had moved on in life. Turns out I’m still fascinated by the whole topic area. Apparently, it takes more 2-3 years to “move on” after you join the church at 19 (and alienate your family thereby), serve a mission in a foreign country a year later, come home and marry in the temple, have and raise kids in the church, and give a total of 32 years of your life (and full tithing in that time… you do the math!). While the depression of realizing that I gave my adult life to cult is passing, while the anger of learning the depth and breadth of the church’s deception is waning; I nevertheless actually am still fascinated by the whole topic area; to wit: the history and anthropology of how an 1830’s frontier sex cult evolved into a mainstream(ish) but cult-like religion, and, as with the polygamy deniers addressed herein, the psychology of belief and the impact it has on our ability to reason (or in the case of Ms Stone, NOT reason). Thank you RFM for being willing to engage with “the crazy” at least on occasion. So many of us were just like Ms. Stone at one time and I felt like you were as respectful as you could be given the level of irrationality you had to address.

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