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RFM: 287: The Boy Who Kicked Conspiracy Theories!

Looks like I have definitely kicked an anthill with my critiques of the conspiracy theory that Joseph Smith did not practice polygamy!

Lots of listeners have weighed in on both sides of the issue and I wanted to let them have a say in the debate through a collection of their comments.

I also add a few additional items myself, plus a great observation by The Amazing Maven!

Thanks everybody for all your great comments!


2 thoughts on “RFM: 287: The Boy Who Kicked Conspiracy Theories!”

  1. The psychological affect that makes us, as humans, associate our beliefs with our identity fascinates me. It seems to take a conscious effort of will for people to admit we were wrong (on ANY topic). When it comes to the conspiracy thinkers, or even just apologists in general, this describes the condition: “The economist J.K. Galbraith once wrote, ‘Faced with a choice between changing one’s mind and proving there is no need to do so, almost everyone gets busy with the proof.'” – from . And also this (from a different article): “… that ways of thinking that now seem self-destructive must at some point have been adaptive. And they, too, dedicate many pages to confirmation bias, which, they claim, has a physiological component. They cite research suggesting that people experience genuine pleasure—a rush of dopamine—when processing information that supports their beliefs. “It feels good to ‘stick to our guns’ even if we are wrong,” they observe.” – from .

  2. RFM: In case you missed it elsewhere, I’ll say it again here: Why will you waste your remarkable talent? Don’t you realize that the Story of the Century is NOT the untrue “Joseph practiced Polygamy,” but is instead the Apostolic Coup d’état, which you outlined in your own podcast of the same name regarding the Succession after Joseph Smith (which very much relates to the false narrative that Smith practiced Polygamy, by the way!), and also it is your own Episode 175, “Born Again Book of Mormon,” which shows how, ever since that Coup d’état, the Efficacious Christian Gospel, as outlined in the Book of Mormon, is cynically employed basically as a BAIT-AND-SWITCH and is then subtly, deliberately and effectively replaced, at the pulpits, in the manuals, and in the classrooms, not only by “Follow the Prophet” and “Church leaders supersede the scriptures,” but also by an inert, COUNTERFEIT christian gospel that does NOT save, but rather keeps men and women, for the most part, in perpetual psychological, financial AND SPIRITUAL bondage to a cadre of old men? YOU BROKE those stories, RFM, and did so brilliantly. Why will you now sell out, for the admittedly lucrative “Love to hate on Joseph” ex-mo market? It is shameful, what you and Reel obviously are up to here.

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