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RFM: 288: Second Anointing Ritual: The Complete Script!

Through a series of serendipitous events, a complete transcript of the Second Anointing Ritual has come into my hands.

Several other podcasts have talked about the Second Anointing, but here I reveal the details of the actual ordinance itself!

I desire all to partake . . .


3 thoughts on “RFM: 288: Second Anointing Ritual: The Complete Script!”

  1. Ever since I learned about it from the likes of Hans Mattson and Tom Phillips, I never liked the idea of a second anointing existing in the church. I still don’t like that it is exclusive in the church. However, after listening to this episode, I think it is actually a really beautiful ceremony. Much more so than any other temple ceremonies. I would cherish an opportunity for my wife to give me a blessing and to share our deepest desires and to profess our love to each other in the way it was laid out here.

  2. The affirmation that this script is close tom the LDS is completely wrong. Furthermore, Tom Phillips lied about receiving it because his exposé is a copy and paste of the publish ceremony on internet which goes back top the XIX century. He did not add any new detail of the ceremony but just his tale is a exact wording of what is found on the web. He also gave some details which are completely wrong because the ordinance like the endowment has passed for several modifications and Tom did not give any new detail when he received his second anointing.

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