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RFM: 290: Sunstone 2023–Return and Report!

I had a number of interesting adventures on my one-week trip to Utah to present at Sunstone!

This is the story.

The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Or not!


3 thoughts on “RFM: 290: Sunstone 2023–Return and Report!”

  1. Where can we see/ purchase the tree of life art piece you spoke about?
    PS, love your work and the thoughtful depth. Thanks for all your energy you put into things.

  2. Enjoyed your travel report!
    Would love to hear Wendy’s impressions; what a week!

    I was wondering if you have looked into Enneagrams, what your type is, and if you find a certain personality type is more susceptible to indoctrination and or to waking up.

  3. I took my kids to Lagoon this weekend. We waited until the evening to ride the Rattlesnake Rapids, so I only had wet feet for an hour or so.

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