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RFM: 291: Radio Free Mormon Takes a Church Survey!

Listen in while RFM takes a Church survey about why people leave the Church!

My favorite part is imagining Church leaders reading these answers!

Here is a link to the survey if you want to let the Church know how you feel.


7 thoughts on “RFM: 291: Radio Free Mormon Takes a Church Survey!”

  1. His survey drips of apologist tropes. Where does culture come from? It doesn’t develop in a vacuum. It is formed from the top down. So much of this is placing blame on what they call culture, which is actually church teachings and expectations. Unwritten order of things anyone?

    1. YEP! I thought the EXACT same thing. I even left a comment to this effect in one of the boxes: culture comes from doctrine.

  2. Another thought… it will take a few years for this poll to run its course and for the church to digest the findings. Then, in a few years, we will start to see more changes in church practice in line with whatever the findings show that people want to see. This is the “study it our in your mind” portion of the coming “revelations” in the on going restoration lol!

  3. Hi RFM,

    I am one of the researchers involved with this project. Thanks for taking the survey and helping distribute the link. I thoroughly enjoyed the episode. I would like to clarify that this project is not affiliated with or supported by the LDS church. That said, it is our intent to distribute the results of this study broadly, and it is certainly possible that they will end being seen by the leadership (both general and local) of the church. So the time you spent providing your very thoughtful answers may not be in vain. 🙂

    If you are interested, I would be happy to hop on a call to discuss the specific hypotheses that motivated the study and answer any questions you may have.

  4. The Mormon church is sinking into irrelevance and I don’t see a way out for them. They can’t wave a magic wand and make it true.

  5. I have to agree with RFM about that last question. Why do they need to know how much money I earn yearly? I lied and marked the second to the highest amount. Maybe they will take me more seriously! LOL

    The first time in the survey where they ask you briefly to summarize why you left the church, I put almost the exact same response at RFM. The lying and deceit is so blatant. And they wonder why people leave??

  6. Hello! I just wanted to comment because you seemed confused as to how someone could step back from the church when they had recently been active and believing. I’m in this category – I was totally active and had a strong testimony. About a year before I left I started noticing problems with the church, but I didn’t internalize it as testimony problems. I thought it was a problem with the organization, not the doctrine. Long story short I searched for “why do people leave the mormon church?” one day on YouTube and was totally done with the church in about 45 minutes.

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