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RFM: 292: New Insights on the Priesthood & Temple Ban!

RFM reviews insights from Lester Bush’s groundbreaking 1973 Dialogue article on the history of the priesthood and temple ban!


1 thought on “RFM: 292: New Insights on the Priesthood & Temple Ban!”

  1. I think back to when I joined the church as a 19 year old college freshman in 1986 in South Carolina. I knew none of this. I don’t think my best friend (or his family) knew any of this. Their attitude of the priesthood ban was “we don’t why it existed but we’re glad its over.” But ‘we’ DID know why. The church leaders knew why (as you and Bill Reel have shown), and it was doctrine , not policy (although as Oaks point, in a church [allegedly] run by revelation, there is no difference between a policy and a doctrine). The difference between the public story the church tells about itself and its actual history is like the difference between a Disney cartoon and reality. At what point does the omission of information become the commission of a lie? the way the church proselytes amounts to fraudulent inducement – the response I give when asked how I can justify breaking my temple promises, such as giving all my time, talents, and everything, to build up the church. The covenants are void ab initio because they were extracted by fraudulent inducement.

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