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Jenn Kamp Tries to Get RFM Disbarred: RFM: 293

Radio Free Mormon shares with his audience the latest saga regarding Jenn Kamp. That in fact Jenn Kamp has attempted to get Radio Free Mormon disbarred. RFM explains the dirty little details in this episode and shares with his audience both what Jenn shared in her claims and what the Washington State Bar Association responded…. Did RFM get disbarred? Did Jenn Kamp have a viable claim? Can RFM continue to practice law? All this and more in today’s episode of Radio Free Mormon “Jenn Kamp Tries to Get RFM Disbarred”


2 thoughts on “Jenn Kamp Tries to Get RFM Disbarred: RFM: 293”

  1. I have followed this story from day 1. It has become my firm opinion that she is an attention seeker. It is unfortunate that when you defend yourself against her accusations, somewhat out of necessity of course, that you inadvertently provide the notoriety she craves. The sooner she stops distracting from the real issue (the LDS Church’s ongoing con job on its members) the better.

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