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Mormons Gone Wild: ML: 147

Mormon Church Seeks To Silence Whistleblower?: ML: 146 Mormonism Live has been watching from afar this story with 8 passengers and Jodi Hildebrandt and has for tonight’s episode zoomed in real close to look at a particular facet connection to the story to once again shine a light on the deep unhealthiness that permeates LDS Leadership and once again show that loyalty and obedience seem to be prioritized character traits over doing what is right and good. Full interview at Mormon Stories:


1:45 Intro & Overview

7:30 Two Mormon General Authorities
12:20 Camp Little Lemhi Abuse Incident
20:55 Abuser’s Conviction 28:05 Mormon Homophobia among BSA
30:10 Suing BSA 36:35 Changing Idaho Law
49:45 Elder Hillam and the Perversion Files
57:30 Hillam Tries to ruin Adam’s marriage
1:05:40 Jodi’s “therapy” and Mormon doctrine on masturbation
1:18:00 Systemic destruction of marriages 1:25:40 Weaponizing Honor Code Office
1:33:15 Marriage & Entrapment
1:47:10 Custody Battles
1:57:55 Trying to get back into BYU
2:13:15 Updates & Comments
2:20:00 Calls Mormon Stories Interviews with Tim Kosnoff:

Radio Free Mormon Sex Scandal Coverup:

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2 thoughts on “Mormons Gone Wild: ML: 147”

  1. I have been following the Ballard story since your first breaking news on it. It is interesting, in itself, in the way it is tangentially related to all things Mormon. On that note, first, the more I hear, the more I really wonder if Tim Ballard has had the second anointing. It would explain soooo much of his behavior on his undercover operations, especially if his female co-operators were NOT Mormon. It would explain why church leaders felt no need to go through church channels for discipline (if in fact that continues to be the case) -since it was moot! Second, Elder Ballard’s involvement in all this really needs to become the focus. Was Tim Ballard’s “sin” that he put Elder Ballard’s name on the white board without permission? Or was it that Tim Ballard let the fact leak out? Inquiring minds want to know… Another thought: I bet another reason the Church wants to keep all its investments, holdings, businesses and subsidiaries as secret as possible is because it is the great “washing machine” of tithing. It is my suspicion that well connected family and friends of high church leaders can, and probably do, get plumb jobs making lots of money for next to nothing in this system. After all, if a “psychic” can get paid for not producing results, the sky is the limit!

  2. Jay Larsen AKA Trombone Trouble

    RFM I believe you and or Nemo could/should investigate LDS church Wikipedia spin department that is assigned to keep up with any Wikipedia entry about church and make subtle changes. Also, Wikipedia has a way for anyone to submit a story or change something already in wiki.

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