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RFM: 296: Glenn Beck Stands Up for Tim Ballard Against the LDS Church!

The LDS Church issued a statement last Friday (9-15-23) condemning Tim Ballard of Operation Underground Railroad as being “morally unethical.”

Now famous Mormon radio and podcast personality Glenn Beck has gotten into the mix standing up for Tim Ballard AGAINST the LDS Church!

You have to hear it to believe it!


2 thoughts on “RFM: 296: Glenn Beck Stands Up for Tim Ballard Against the LDS Church!”

  1. I went to Glenn Becks instagram page and did not see his defense of Tim Ballard. I saw somewhere that his statement was a tweet that has been deleted. Thanks so much for covering this so quickly and thoroughly. You’re the best!!

  2. I was disappointed in this episode. You admit that Tim saving children from sex traffickers is just a public perception due to a movie and yet you think the church should not have issued this statement because of that perception? What about the truth? Should the church not talk about Joseph’s polygamy because public perception (at one time) was that Joseph didn’t do it? Tim Ballard has so much stink on him but he is able to play on the naïveté of Mormons to continue to collect donations and build his brand while always playing the victim.

    I am surprised the church released this statement, but happy they did. They stood for truth even while it was not good for their PR, hopefully they’re turning a new leaf and will start issuing more truthful statements, regardless of the potential fall out. I hope the church is not in damage control mode as you say, I hope this is a refreshing change where they start standing for truth, no matter how uncomfortable. I do not know Tim personally, but I do know one of the executive producers of “Sound of Freedom” pretty well and I have seen firsthand how Tim’s charisma can convince people to give him money and praise while blinding them to the reality of who he is, and what he is really doing.

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