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RFM: 298: Tim Ballard Strikes Back!

While LDS Church leadership has been sitting on its hands saying nothing after the bombshell press release last Friday made national news, Tim Ballard strikes back with a public statement effectively pinning Church leaders to the mat!


3 thoughts on “RFM: 298: Tim Ballard Strikes Back!”

  1. Lets compare Tim Ballard to M. Russel Ballard. Tim sets up an organization to help children in distress, and Melvin is in a high leadership position in the LDS Church, a corporation that not only sat on their hands with the full knowledge that Paul Adams had sexually molested his three children, but was continuing to to molest his three children down in Bisbee Arizona for several more years. Who is the real bad guy here Tim or Melvin. Tim is hands on and actually saves childrren from the same torture that Melvin just sits on his hands and does nothing about the children he knows are being raped by their father, ady in and day out. Melvin could have stood up and been a courageous man and told the bishops to report the rape, but he just smiled like he always does and says he loves all children, just like the church’s press release says he does, but what has he acutally done with his own time and effort to help these three little children of God eacape from the rape they endure, well he has done nothing to help any child get out of a similar situation, and everything to enable the child rapists and pedophiles continue to satisfy their sick preverted predilectdions.
    So again, who is the good guy and who is the bad guy? maybe their is some subtance to the negative reports about Tim Ballard, but doesn’t mormonism preach repentance every week. No woman has said she slept with Tim, so what has Melvin got hig G’s in a big knot about? It looks like he thinks he bet on the wrong horse and wants the money back. Well its too bad life doesnt work that way.
    What Melvin cant understand between his naps is the principle of unintended consequences. How could he have not have had the power of discernment and why didnt God reveal to him in advance that Tim would one day be a problem. Well its obvious Melven does not understand the difference beween the power of discernement and plain old human emotion.
    Tim Ballard is a hero and inspiration to millions, just look at the movie gross. Maybe he did cross the line here and there, but he didnt take scores of secret wives like Joseph and Hyrum Smith, Melvin’s ancesters. If Melvin had done anything other than smile while he know little children were being raped by their LDS father , and lie about the history of the church not hiding anything, he might have a leg to stand on, but his video is still up and he is the one the church should hold under condemnation until he corrects his statements and tells the truth.
    He has convicted Tim Ballard on nothing more that rumors and accustaions, none of which have yet been proven. He didn’t even have the sack to call Tim to make an inquiry about the accusations, nope , he just took what he read in the national Inquirer and issued his condemnation based on his arthritic knee jerk reaction and limited understanding of the facts. This smacks of Apostolic Deflection at its best.

  2. Hey, RFM.

    I LOVE what you do! Thank you for your insight and humor!

    I did notice your brief asides about Tim Ballard’s grammar in your episode today (which tickled me to no end as an English major), and you jovially docked Ballard for using the lowercase “d” in “Latter-day Saints.”

    This is actually something I ran into in my own graduate work: the copyrighted name of the Church is, in fact, “Latter-day Saints” with a lower-case “d,” something my peer-review readers would initially take issue with, since it would be grammatical to capitalize the name as “Latter-Day Saints,” but, alas, the Church doesn’t do it this way. Maybe the god of Mormonism doesn’t care much for grammar and mechanics. (And if I remember right, the reorganized church omitted the hyphen altogether with two capitalized terms–at least before the change to “Community of Christ”: “Latter Day Saints.”)

    So, in the end, Ballard should keep his mock bonus points for writing “Latter-day Saints.” But from your excellent reporting, it sounds like fake extra credit is the last of Ballard’s worries right now.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Geez, come on RFM. Who cares about “public perception” – you keep bringing up public perception as if it is a reason why the church should do something. The perception among mormons and others is that Tim Ballard is actually trying to help kids, when any organization that is actually helping kids will tell you the truth about him, there is a reason why every time OUR claims a partnership or says they are working with another organization that organization will almost immediately counter the claim and distance themselves from it – this has been going on for years.

    We should celebrate the fact the church is finally distancing itself from a charlatan who uses a sensitive and serious issue to enrich himself and build his brand. I hope you are right, I hope they do make a statement and rip off the façade that Tim Ballard hides behind and exposes him for what he is. Hopefully the church will wake up to all the other charlatans among their ranks and do the same with them all.

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