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RFM: 304: Saturday Afternoon Session: GenCon Post-Mortem: October 2023

RFM recaps the Saturday Afternoon session of General Conference, October 2023!


3 thoughts on “RFM: 304: Saturday Afternoon Session: GenCon Post-Mortem: October 2023”

  1. I actually enjoy conference when you do the recap. My husband and I just laugh and laugh at your insightful and comedic take on such a maddening biannual occurrence. We just love you so much!!

  2. Cats and dogs living together. God has laryngitis. There is only one set of footprints because the sand people walk single-file. This is one of the best episodes ever! Bravo!

  3. After Elder Rasband’s call for more senior missionaries, I was ready to sign up if he would take a year off my grandson’s mission for every I served. I fact I would give 2 years for every years if the mission would relax mission rules and make time in the field more like a cultural/religeous exchange, and not so damn long!

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