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This Is Why You Can’t Trust the Mormon Church!: RFM: 302

In this eye-opening episode of Radio Free Mormon, RFM delves deep into the tangled web of the Mormon Church’s involvement with Tim Ballard and Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.). Despite the Church’s public statements asserting no official ties to Ballard’s organization, RFM presents compelling evidence that contradicts these claims.     Beginning with a meticulous examination of the Church Newsroom’s statements, RFM uncovers a startling revelation: on the very day the Church declared its non-affiliation with O.U.R., it was simultaneously scrubbing references and articles from its official website that demonstrated clear support for Tim Ballard and his mission.  RFM meticulously outlines the timeline, revealing a pattern of duplicity that raises critical questions about the transparency and honesty of the Mormon Church. Through careful analysis, he dissects the conflicting narratives presented by the Church, shedding light on the intricate dance between public image and hidden agendas.

Listeners will be riveted as RFM unearths archived material, demonstrating the Church’s active endorsement of Tim Ballard and O.U.R. in the past. He highlights key statements, speeches, and publications that unequivocally demonstrate the Church’s historical alignment with Ballard’s mission to combat human trafficking.  Furthermore, RFM raises essential ethical and moral considerations surrounding the Church’s involvement with O.U.R. He challenges listeners to reflect on the implications of this discrepancy, emphasizing the importance of trust and accountability within any religious institution.  As the episode unfolds, RFM provides a comprehensive analysis that encourages critical thinking and a reevaluation of the Church’s stance on O.U.R. He skillfully weaves together threads of evidence, leaving listeners with a compelling case for skepticism and a renewed commitment to seeking truth.

“This Is Why You Can’t Trust the Mormon Church!” is a powerful episode that underscores the necessity of transparency, integrity, and ethical responsibility within religious organizations. 


3 thoughts on “This Is Why You Can’t Trust the Mormon Church!: RFM: 302”

  1. RFM, please please take a step back and listen to yourself. In your zeal to tear down the Mormon church you are exposing your bias. I used to believe you were impartial and only interested in what was true, I wonder if that has changed as you have become more popular. Statements like “Tim Ballard holding a child he has obviously rescued” shows that you are not. That was most likely just a photo op, do you make assumptions like that for every photo you see on the internet? You’re so quick to take Tim Ballards claims at face value but spend a ton of effort picking apart every little thing the church does. I appreciate all you are doing to expose things that powerful people want to remain hidden, but please don’t lose your impartiality and spread some of your skepticism around to others that make claims and take peoples money.

    BTW, there is an interview with the Vice journalists who received the statement from the church and they explain how that came about. I recommend you check it out.

    1. That’s your evidence against RFM? That’s so stupid. He’s clearly being sarcastic, but, even if he isn’t, that single statement is not enough to call someone biased, especially when RFM is as critical of Tim as of the Mormon Church.

  2. The audio cuts out abruptly, I don’t know if you were aware of that. Was the end meant to be at 12:59 or so? Cuz that’s where it is.

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