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RFM: 307: Sunday Afternoon GenCon Post-Mortem

RFM recaps the final session of Oct 2023 GenCon


2 thoughts on “RFM: 307: Sunday Afternoon GenCon Post-Mortem”

  1. Nelson doesn’t mention any relationships with friends or acquaintances. His talk includes no concept of non-family relationships. One might think that Nelson doesn’t value any relationships where he isn’t presiding and/or where sex isn’t involved! His talk honestly just sounds like he’s a sex-and-power obsessed old man.

    Celestial life for men means presiding over your sexual partner (wife/wives) and sexual products (children). Telestial life does not, but if the “same sociality” exists otherwise, then why couldn’t we just hang out with each other as single people? Unless, does he think telestial life is just eternal solitary confinement? Or does he really think that relationships aren’t worth his time unless he’s got a presiding role? So many questions!

    Nelson leaves everyone confused because he doesn’t go into any detail. From his talk, we can’t make an informed decision as to what kingdom we want because we are given no explanation as to what the exact differences are between celestial and lesser bodies and living situations.

  2. I think the two major goals of building temples are the following

    1 Ensure income for the church through tithing

    2 Ensure members go often and are committed by oaths of complete obedience and sacrifice to leaders

    Building more temples means money for the church, and members who are thoroughly committed

    Tbms see this asthe only way to be with family forever

    What do you think?

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