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Did the LDS Church Lie in its Tim Ballard Statement? [RFM: 318]

According to Mormon millionaire Russell Brunson, the 9/15/23 Church Statement condemning Tim Ballard is full of lies.

Russell Brunson therefore believes the Church Statement is a fake.

What he doesn’t seem to consider is the Church might actually have lied in an official statement.

This episode explores that possibility!


1 thought on “Did the LDS Church Lie in its Tim Ballard Statement? [RFM: 318]”

  1. Wow, you can’t make this up. Seriously, a fifth column of rogue current/former church employees issuing false statements? The sound of this guy’s shelf spectacularly imploding, if it hasn’t already happened, will probably be audible for thousands of miles. The pain of realizing how much money he was grifted out of is going to be crushing.

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