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“Stand Down” Order to LDS Women! [RFM 321]

RFM is joined by an illustrious panel of Mormon and post-Mormons to discuss the recent order that female leaders in San Francisco wards must get off the stand.

On the panel are Carol Lynn Pearson, Lila Tueller and Martine Dirick Smith.


1 thought on ““Stand Down” Order to LDS Women! [RFM 321]”

  1. You asked the difference between conference and a local level. The Bishopric presides over the sacrament. I believe it’s as simple as that. The relief society doesn’t need to wash their hands clean from the congregation’s sins. With that presiding responsibility comes a heavy price. The bishop’s role as president of the Aaronic priesthood is to unlock doors to the gospel of repentance given him by John the Baptist through Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery.

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