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Sister Wives’ Kody Brown [Exclusive Interview] ML: 152

Join us for a special episode of “Mormonism LIVE,” where hosts Bill Reel & RFM (Radio Free Mormon) sit down with Kody Brown, one of the central figures from the popular TV show “Sister Wives.” In this exclusive interview, we delve deep into the world of polygamy, exploring both the personal and cultural aspects of this controversial practice. Kody Brown has opened up his life to the public through the hit reality series “Sister Wives.” Together, they navigate the complexities and challenges of plural marriage, giving viewers a unique perspective into a lifestyle that is both intriguing and controversial. In this candid conversation, Kody shares his experiences, insights, and reflections on living plural marriage within the context of his faith. RFM and Bill Reel, known for their thoughtful and probing discussions on Mormonism, bring their expertise to bear on this fascinating subject. They will guide the conversation with sensitivity, seeking to foster understanding and promote meaningful dialogue around the complexities of faith, family, and relationships. Whether you’re a long-time fan of “Sister Wives,” someone with a curiosity about alternative family structures, or simply interested in exploring the diverse tapestry of religious beliefs, this interview promises to be an enlightening and thought-provoking experience. Tune in for a captivating discussion that delves into the heart of a lifestyle that challenges societal norms and offers a window into a world often hidden from public view.


5 thoughts on “Sister Wives’ Kody Brown [Exclusive Interview] ML: 152”

  1. I’ve been trying to be open minded as I listen to Kody talk. But he’s just implied that the women from the 1800’s are liars. Why on earth did he choose to come on RFM? What a buffoon.

  2. Sun Tzu was about The Art of WAR. I don’t recall any insights regarding marriage. On the other hand, maybe the two are related?! Ha!

  3. Hypergamy is a term used in social science for the act or practice of a person dating or marrying a spouse of higher caste, social status or sexual capital than themselves.
    In this podcast, does Kody seems to use that term like polyandry or again, polygamy? I don’t understand how hypergamy is relevant here.

    BTW: “I’m not following some man.” That is hilarious given the context. It’s terribly ironic. LOL

  4. It looks like Kody is desperately trying to find new ways to change his public image. Did he use the word “shy” to describe himself? I wonder if his face hurts.
    None of his smiles and laughter diminish his lies and deception to his family or the public. Kody & TLC’s proganda “Sister Wives” has misled the public and minimized the stories of victims & survivors of polygamy. This social predator deserves no more attention than giving Tim Ballard an audience.

  5. He is absolutely insufferable, I am sorry you gave him a platform to lie and manipulate. “I spent thousands of dollars on” building specs for one home…. He forgot that all but one said absolutely not before he tried to manipulate the other 3 on Christmas morning. Puke.

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