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Mormon Church Sex Abuse Cover Ups! [RFM 323]

RFM covers a recent report on several sex abuse cases the LDS Church has tried to cover up!


3 thoughts on “Mormon Church Sex Abuse Cover Ups! [RFM 323]”

  1. PLEASE NOTE that this issue is NOT just in the Mormon Church. It’s heavy in MANY MANY CHURCHES and I know this from personal experience. It’s throughout the churches that I grew up around AND incest runs throughout my family STILL! I listened to this and I am absolutely DISGUSTED!! I’m going through this stuff right now because my BROTHER who is a minister (AND STILL MINISTERING around children). MOLESTED MY DAUGHTER. People are stopping at nothing to cover this up AND this is NOT his first time. It’s so hard to get support because MANY are STILL protecting him instead of my baby. 🥺

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