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Jenn Kamp LOSES Bar Complaint Against RFM! [RFM: 324]

Jenn Kamp loses her request that the Bar Association review its decision dismissing her complaint against RFM!

Plus we learn more about the relationship between Jenn Kamp and the mysterious Janet Cox who filed a bar complaint against RFM, as well!


1 thought on “Jenn Kamp LOSES Bar Complaint Against RFM! [RFM: 324]”

  1. There is something wrong with your numbering system because episode
    307 of the podcast is RFM: 307: Sunday Afternoon GenCon Post-Mortem.

    RFM Gets ANOTHER Bar Complaint!: RFM: 307 is not in the podcast archive, but I was able to find it on YouTube by googling the it.

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