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A Tale of Two Testimonies: Mormon Sunday School: 001

Join Radio Free Mormon as we begin our study of the Book of Mormon using the Sunday School materials for the LDS Church.

Where you learn the stuff you’re never gonna hear in regular Sunday school!


2 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Testimonies: Mormon Sunday School: 001”

  1. This was very interesting to me. My parents loved Paul H Dunn and had many of his books and I think audiotapes. I don’t know if they ever knew the truth of his stories, I can’t imagine they would have missed it, they read the church news every week.
    This was very well presented. I am hooked and look forward to the next lesson.

  2. First time here. So my first comment is a response to the above comment by Jamie about Paul Dunn. It turned out that so many of the claimed events of Dunn’s life were lies, As soon as he was found out, he was released from the Quorum of Seventy, and never heard of again due to his disgraceful mendacity. So many of the General Authorities of the church should be disgraced and embarrassed by their claims of revelation which turn out to be mere observations about a given subject. They learned well from Joseph Smith.

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