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Come and Partake of the Fruit: Mormon Sunday School: 003

RFM does an in depth comparison of Lehi’s Dream of the Tree of Life in the Book of Mormon with a dream of Joseph Smith’s father in 1811.

The results are astonishing!


2 thoughts on “Come and Partake of the Fruit: Mormon Sunday School: 003”

  1. No one recalls their “dreams” with the amount of detail/complexity as told by JS Sr. or the fictional Lehi in the respective accounts of Lucy Mack Smith and the BoM. Rather this is mere story telling by JS Sr. and his son. Clearly the undeniable similarity of the stories is yet another example of the fraud perpetrated by JS Jr. common throughout the BoM.

  2. I posted a comment several days ago but it has not been placed in the comments section for reasons unknown. Essentially I noted that the so called dreams of JS Sr. and the fictional Lehi are mere story telling as no person can recall their individual dream experiences with the complexity and detail described by JS Sr. and the BoM account. These so called dreams were simply fanciful mythical creations having no substantive reality and should not be given any credence.

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