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Nephi’s Vision of the Future: Mormon Sunday School: 004

RFM breaks down Nephi’s panoramic vision of the future in 1 Nephi 11-14 like nobody else!

Sunday School has never been this much fun!


5 thoughts on “Nephi’s Vision of the Future: Mormon Sunday School: 004”

  1. I was shocked to hear RFM ascribe, to the thesis of his earlier paper and the instant podcast, divinity to Nephi’s (JS’s) futuristic vision contained in chapters 11-14. Obviously, the vision and Lehi’s (JS’s) dream are 19th Century concoctions of JS, representing Christian theology, and were not generated in the late 6th Century BCE by persons purportedly traveling in the wilderness of the Arabian Peninsula! RFM’s paper was written in the early 90’s when he was an apologist for the church but why would he reference it now? I understand the intent to use it for the comparative analysis of the dream and vision but the whole tenor of the podcast is one of acceptance of the supposed reality of these chapters. RFM are you now a TBM?!!

  2. Reed Johnson, because RFM isn’t strictly the angry anti/ex-mo that you want him to be.

    RFM, great stuff! I think you are onto something here. I’ve been interested in Lehi’s dream for some time. I even had a waking “vision” several years ago, where my perspective on the dream shifted dramatically. Love to tell you about it sometime. It happened at a time when I was going through my “faith crisis”, precipitated largely by the realization that mormonism was preaching a distorted version of the Christ’s teachings.

  3. Would you please find and post the name of the artists who painted the tree of life paintings in your episode about Nephi’s vision? Especially the one you used twice, the picture of women gathering fruit from a colorful tree. You also used the Chinese picture twice and I loved it also. Thanks.

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