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April 2024 General Conference Post-Mortem – Saturday Morning Session [RFM: 332]

Cover the highlights and lowlights of the April 2024 Saturday Session of General Conference without having to watch it, while being entertained by Radio Free Mormon


2 thoughts on “April 2024 General Conference Post-Mortem – Saturday Morning Session [RFM: 332]”

  1. RFM LOVE YOUR SHOW I HAVE WANTED TO EMAIL YOU FOR SOOOO LONG. I was a missionary to Japan 88-90 福岡 I wad more your approach wish I could spend an afternoon and just talk to you. Ok enough of the Tinklefest. I am from Seattle (federal way ) and used
    To work in Renton near you. I live in Mesa AZ now but return home on occasion to
    See My Family if I may be so bold to ask to buy you lunch or dinner next time I come up or if you are ever in Mesa you have an open invite to come over Or Stay with me and my family I will break out the emergency brisket lol OK, the reason for my email I wanted to thank you for doing the minute. I’ve been above by session by session as they occur. I noticed that you started this last conference and I have really enjoyed it. I wanted to offer you that feedback in case you were curious about, how it is being received . I cannot tell you how much I enjoy and look forward to hearing from you guys every week. Bill is amazing the work she does behind-the-scenes I know from just limited experience and understanding of what she has to do. Amazing, seamless, and I know that all three of you are so very, very well-versed at what you do . I’m impressed as hell. Please keep it up and I’m serious about lunch. I would buy a ticket and just fly out just for the opportunity


  2. Hey, RFM.
    I’m a convert who has been a PIMO for the last two years. I just wanted to say I think you’re a genius. Your commentary on Mormon theology never ceases to open my eyes.
    Thanks for all you do,

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