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Joseph Smith’s Fingerprints on the Book of Mormon [RFM 337]

RFM takes a look at some often ignored details that point to who fingerprints are all over the authorship of “The Book of Mormon”


3 thoughts on “Joseph Smith’s Fingerprints on the Book of Mormon [RFM 337]”

  1. Excellent work on ‘Joseph Smith’s fingerprints on the BOM,” RFM!
    Ever since seminary in the 1970’s, I have consciously avoided the repetitive droning on of small plates, blah, blah, large plates..blah, blah…
    This episode is truly groundbreaking!

  2. This was fascinating, thank you. After you point this all out, it of course seems so obvious but it’s not something I would have ever focused on without this presentation. So well done, sir.

    A couple things:

    One other reference that is interesting is verse 30 (the last verse) of Omni, in which the author says “these plates are full” — i.e., basically the small plates are done. (I don’t remember you mentioning that in the podcast but maybe I missed it.) What an odd formulation — it’s as if the small plates were a bound journal you buy from a stationary store that is “full” once you get to the last page.

    Also, back when I was in the church, I had always wondered why Enos, Jarom and Omni were so short as they are sandwiched by books that have a lot more chapters. This makes a lot more sense when I realize that these were actually the last ones translated and you wonder whether Joseph Smith was tired of his project at this time and just “mailed it in.”

    Or, is it possible that his “small plates” translation had reached a page length that was as long as or longer than the 116 pages (I think you mentioned 124 pages) so at that point he had to just quickly conclude the project of updating the history to the time of King Benjamin, so that explains these very short books? Do the small plates end up being as long as the large plates?

    Curious as to your thoughts.

  3. A simple request. For episodes like this you should start with some kind of warning that people who once believed and listen to this may feel like they’re dumber than dirt for ever believing the Book of Mormon was historical and not a fraud. At every point it becomes more obvious and more scary that I ever believed it! I’m questioning if I’m able to put my shoes on correctly tomorrow!

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