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April 2024 Sunday Afternoon Session General Conference Post-Mortem [RFM: 336]

RFM breaks down the fifth and final session of General Conference for April, 2024!


2 thoughts on “April 2024 Sunday Afternoon Session General Conference Post-Mortem [RFM: 336]”

  1. I’m very glad the Widow’s Might project dug into church finances. Now all we need is to dig into the real owners of the architectural firms, construction companies, and decorating companies that actually build the temples. Not to mention any proxies who speculate on land values around the temple. The corporate empire of the church is vast, the leaders have already proven themselves deceivers when it comes to money, and we know nepotism runs rampant at the highest levels of the church. Does anyone REALLY think there are no other “silent partners” (although Ballard is REALLY silent these days…) out there getting there hands on some of that laundered tithing money?

  2. RFM,
    You may be one of the only people who would consider this question, or at least the best one. After watching your commentary on 2024 April | must ask —-“After all the talks on Jesus, isn’t it ironic that not even once, was the name Elohim spoken or mentioned?”
    Not once in 5 sessions! Perhaps the God of Mormonism is no longer being sought. Perhaps inquiring about the only true and living God is no longer important. Or perhaps to make sure we are thinking “Celestial” about Jesus, Elohim is going the same way as the word
    “Mormon”. I find that peculiar.
    Thank you for your kind consideration.

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