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Jenn Kamp Loses Defamation Lawsuit: RFM: 346

On May 15, 2024, Judge Faust of the Salt Lake City District Court issued terminating sanctions against Jenn Kamp in the defamation case brought against her by John Dehlin and the Open Stories Foundation.

In the order, Judge Faust found that Jenn Kamp had engaged in a pattern of hiding evidence from the other party so severe that it warranted terminating the case, holding as a matter of fact that Jenn Kamp had defamed John Dehlin, there would be no jury trial on the issue, and all that remained was to have a hearing in front of the judge in order to determine what the damages should be.

This is that order.


1 thought on “Jenn Kamp Loses Defamation Lawsuit: RFM: 346”

  1. RFM,
    Let me start by saying I really appreciate your clarity in speech. I understand that it is probably a learned behavior from being an attorney for so long however it makes me easily trust what you say with less skepticism and need for following research. The depth and clarity of each of your podcasts is valued despite what everyone says (my wife). Also your wit is unparalleled. I become frustrated with Bill and others (John) when they don’t laugh at your clever jokes. Please keep it up. It’s not your fault they don’t understand.
    The latest Jen Kamp episode really gave me too much satisfaction. Thank you for exposing the abuse that can happen from unhealthy narcissistic people.
    (You once admitted to being a narcissist yourself, is that true? You don’t need to answer that but curiosity made me ask)
    Anyway, your research is so detailed and deep, chasing each and every point often finding significant results, I want you to know that it’s appreciated.


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