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“My Words Fly Up; My Thoughts Remain Below”: Hamlet, Act III, scene 3: Brush Up Your Shakespeare: 014

Welcome back to ‘Brush Up Your Shakespeare,’ where we uncover the hidden gems within the Bard’s timeless works! In this episode, our insightful host delves into the depths of Hamlet Act III, Scene 3, with a keen focus on the poignant quote: ‘My words fly up; my thoughts remain below.’ Join us as we explore the profound themes of guilt, redemption, and the complexities of the human conscience embedded within this pivotal moment of the play. Whether you’re a seasoned Shakespeare aficionado or new to the world of classics, this episode promises a captivating analysis, thought-provoking commentary, and a fresh perspective on Shakespeare’s enduring relevance. Subscribe now for a journey through the heart of Hamlet, and let’s together brush up on the brilliance of the Bard. Your literary adventure awaits!


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