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The Gavel Falls: Jenn Kamp’s Credibility Crisis! RFM: 341

Radio Free Mormon, in his ongoing reporting of the civil suit in Salt Lake City between John Dehlin and Jenn Kamp, has obtained the audio of the entire hearing held on April 23, 2024. At the end of the lengthy hearing, Judge Faust expresses concerns he has with being able to believe Jenn Kamp. After you listen to the hearing, you will likely understand why Judge Faust feels that way.

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10 thoughts on “The Gavel Falls: Jenn Kamp’s Credibility Crisis! RFM: 341”

  1. Jenn Kamp is exasperating. She’s also emotionally manipulative, crying on command at key points when there aren’t words to convincingly explain her violations of court orders.
    RFM, you’re a strong man to endure 4 hours to this! I thought the text you received last night was going to have “Play Misty for Me” in it. 🤣

  2. A few observations:

    Judge Faust seemed incredibly…incredibly accommodating to her lack of procedural understanding of law and rules for these proceedings in which she finds herself engaged. As a tax payer, I was a little irritated he was giving her a personal law classes.

    The second observation echoes the previous comment about her emotional response to the proceedings. When she was called on deficiencies in her understanding and lack of rules adherence, she crys and gets emotional. I understand why she is emotional about it, but that is not the time or place for tears. Too bad her counsel left the case for her sake. I do want justice, where ever it leads in this case. My feeling on her case though, flimsy and POORLY argued or constructed. She should have called Saul!

  3. As a retired LEO, now a defense investigator, this was a hard episode to listen to. People…if you’re going to take legal action…GET AN ATTORNEY!!! Yes is some money up front, but the alternative to not having one is disastrous.

  4. Dear RFM,
    Help me understand why the judge takes an excessive amount of time to make it clear that it his not his job to guide or educate Ms. Kamp and then dedicates an excessive amount of time to guide and educate her through the judicial process.
    My Brain Is Exploding

    1. I think most judges would have a hard time not pointing her errors out especially if the case had any kind of public interest.

  5. Listening to this court session is like listening to the sound of fingernails scratching a chalkboard, and even worse than listening to the Primary General President give a talk during conference about her love for exclamation points. Why is nobody in her inner circle sitting her down and talking sense into her, as she’s only going to keep losing more and more money trying to fight this. Are people in her inner circle that terrified of her to sit her down and tell her the honest truth? Hopefully OSF’s lawyers have done their due diligence to ensure she has the funds necessary to pay their legal fees when she loses. And to Jenn….you’re not a bad person, and you gave it a good shot. But there comes a point when you need to throw in the towel. It doesn’t have to mean that you “lost”. Take your small wins and cling to them. It hurts me to see somebody go down this rabbit hole knowing 100% the outcome.

  6. This is the most obnoxious abuse of the legal system, by the most pathetic woman (claiming to be the victim) I have ever witnessed! The judge was SO overly sensitive and indulgent to an idiot who played every pathetic female victim card I have ever witnessed!

    Jenn, you need to step up and stop assuming that because you had something bad happen to you that you are entitled to something that you are not entitled to.

    What a joke!!

  7. Initially just intending to listen to a little of the beginning, I could not put it down once I started. (Maybe I have addiction problem). I feel like Jenn feels like everyone is abusing her and she has to be “superhuman”. I think she brings much of it on herself. I believe the abuse she received early life has clouded her view of many situations as abusive. I could say because i Jay am not on RFM s ” A” is abusive. RFM you have abused me because I’m not on your “A” I hope we can both see some humor in thie idea im not on your A list without poking fun at Jenn. I just hope Jenn can recognize not every situation that does not go her way is abusive. Heaven bless Jenn and heaven bless you RFM.

  8. RFM – I’ve enjoyed you breaking down this series and providing transparency around the issue. You are probably done engaging at this point but if not, her latest video suggests she is still misrepresenting some of the facts. A breakdown of that by you would be phenom.

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