Broadcasting behind Enemy lines, Radio Free Mormon tackles the difficult subjects in Mormonism like no one else.  Dissecting things like a surgeon, RFM gets to the crux of the issue, exposing all the connections and subtleties that lie below the surface.   His unique sense of humor, his knowledge of Mormonism, his displaying of the data.  If you haven’t yet listened…..  You likely could use some Radio Free Mormon in your life.





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  1. HI RFM,

    I LOVE every one of your podcasts – and I listen the instant they are posted. I always love your General Conference break down – and would love to team up with you if you want to do a recap together.

    I will be listening to all 5 sessions starting tomorrow – and will be taking notes.

    Maybe we can talk afterward and share thoughts. Let me know what you think.

    Suzette at the Asherah Grove

  2. I love every episode I’ve listened to so far. I especially enjoyed “Wrong Roads,” and your recent discussion with Bill Reel about the Saints book and YSA broadcast. I appreciate the time, research and thought that goes into each episode. I really enjoy listening to your take on things! Thanks RFM!


  3. You are a genius! I love your podcasts! So very articulate , cutting through the crap

  4. Your podcast is the best out there in my opinion. I appreciate the time and effort you put into each podcast and have shared so many. Thank you for what you’re doing to help me de-program the brain washing I developed over 47 years in the TSCC. Can’t wait for your next episode, every time!

  5. RFM, thank you for your analyses on a variety of topics. Your podcast is so interesting and informative.

  6. I have a suggested interview and topic that might be of interest RFM. If you are looking for an after dark interview I think you’d be the perfect interviwer for this “legal” topic that affects each member belonging to a 501c3 “Church”. Also, why did the “C” abandon the Corp Sole or is it still in existence. I have some research or atleast sites where more can be learned and could introduce you to an exoert on the subject (501c3) who has written a book and has another due in about 6 months on this and other interesting Religious topics. She isn’t a member (nor was a member that I know of) so does that eliminate her as being a guest?

  7. Just listened to the disciplinary session recording for Bill Reel. Bill presented his case beautifully. I struggled to hear most of the others, but BRAVO, Bill. From a fellow convert who is no longer a member (resigned), the “spirit” was truly with you. And RFM, the “Are You Man Enough” selection by the Four Tops?…Dayum. Couldn’t have picked a more perfect closing hymn. Huge thumbs up, guys.

  8. RFM, congratulations and thank you for your insights! I’m from Mexico and I enjoy everything you say in these podcasts. I would like to know if you have watched the movie small foot, I think it has strong faith crisis connotations. I´ve been reading a little bit about it, however, I would like to know your opinion. Thank’s in advanced.

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