Broadcasting behind Enemy lines, Radio Free Mormon tackles the difficult subjects in Mormonism like no one else.  Dissecting things like a surgeon, RFM gets to the crux of the issue, exposing all the connections and subtleties that lie below the surface.   His unique sense of humor, his knowledge of Mormonism, his displaying of the data.  If you haven’t yet listened…..  You likely could use some Radio Free Mormon in your life.





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  1. I just want to say thank you for what you do. In my recent faith crisis, it is so refreshing to hear simple plain truths instead of apologetic mishmash. I appreciate the reverence you give all positions and yet call out the bulls**t. Your recent work with Dr. Ritter was amazing, and I very much like your attitude and intellect. Thanks again for helping me see what was always right in front of my face.

  2. I was introduced to your podcast with the Ritner interviews. You are super well-spoken and researched. I decided to become a monthly subscriber to support all the time you must invest in your presentations.

  3. RFM, maybe this story will help you identify with Dr. Gee and Dr. Muhlesein. One day Perry Mason has a female client that is charged with murder. The evidence against her is overwhelming. Perry is able to get an acquittal. After the case Perry and his client begin to see each other socially and one thing leads to another and they are married. At first all is well but as time goes on Perry begins to suspect has his wife might not be totally faithful.

    Perry asks Paul Drake to check things out. So when Perry takes his next schedule business trip Paul does some snooping.

    Perry asked Paul what he found out. Paul said, Perry after your wife dropped you off at the airport she came home and about an hour later a man pulling into the driveway. Your wife comes out all dolled up and wearing a skimpy dress and high heal. They get into his car and after a few minutes she slides over to the middle seat. They travel to a restaurant and walk in holding hands. After dinner they drive to a night club and have a few drinks and dancing. Later he calls a cab and they begin kissing in the back seat. When they arrive at your house they both go inside. They sit on the couch and start necking and then some petting.

    Then he picks her up carries her to the bedroom, closes the door, turns off the light and closed the curtains. After that I could not see or hear anything.

    Perry slaps his fist down on the table and shouts DAMN IT Paul always the element of doubt.

  4. So enjoyed the Ritner interview on the Book of Abraham that I listened to the earlier podcast you did on the same subject with Bill Reel. In that earlier podcast you mentioned the phrase “apologist Egyptologist” and how it reminded you of the song “Caribbean Amphibian” sung by Kermut the Frog. I rewrote the song and thought that you might enjoy the lyrics.

    Apologist Egyptologist
    Based upon the Kermit the Frog song, Caribbean Amphibian

    I know of some ancient papyri
    That were translated by Prophet Joe Smith
    As to what he meant by translation
    Opinion now seems to be split

    Some say he meant real translation
    Some say it was another Smith scam
    Some say the papyri were a catalyst
    Most Mormons don’t give a damn

    An apologist Egyptologist
    Can solve this baffling mystery
    ’Cause an apologist Egyptologist
    May have a Harvard or Yale PhD

    For well over a century
    Church said Smith translated the Book of Abraham
    Then someone found Smith’s papyri
    Now the Church needs a back-up plan

    Smith erred interpreting the facsimiles
    Smith got the text all wrong
    Smith put pieces of papyri together
    In places they did not belong

    An apologist Egyptologist
    Can make it all seem right
    An apologist Egyptologist
    Will help the Church gaslight

    They’ll claim Smith had unknown knowledge
    They’ll claim a bullseye for even a miss
    They’ll do whatever they have to
    So you’ll believe in Prophet Joe Smith

    An apologist Egyptologist
    Will keep the gaslight lit
    An apologist Egyptologist
    Is invested in Smith’s myth

    Oh Gee, Everybody!!!

    The apologist Egyptologists
    Can you trust their research?
    If apologist Egyptologists
    Are paid by the Church
    Are paid by the Church

    Gaslight!! Gaslight!!

  5. RFM, wonderful work! Loved the Dr. Ritner series. Wished you would have covered on facsimile 2 the part with the God Min how the arm and the flail actually look like the Masonic square and compass and I always thought that was a hit as it is supposed to be about the temple per Joseph Smith. And wish he would have translated all the Egyptian characters on facsimile 2 that Joseph said he wasn’t allowed to translate at this time but would be given in the temple. I don’t know if you realized that some was skipped.

    I’m wondering if you would consider doing a podcast on the Heartland Model and it’s claims

  6. when one goes to the hospital

    do they go to the “e”mergency room (the first “e” pronounced like the last “E” in the word “free”?)


    i’d ask the same about the Book of “E”ther in the BofM,

    but i’m sure i’d receive an unacceptable answer..

    either way, feather beds are superb to cloud beds…”e”ther one is okay though.

  7. your episode 190 adam clark show
    was superb!

    for me, a little too much…

    too many fireworks…

    I’d fall asleep too if these July 4th Displays lasted one hour…

    perisologia has never been a concern of a radio host…

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