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2021-11 (November)
    Mormonism LIVE: 051: Denver Snuffer
    Mormonism LIVE: 050: Bigfoot, Cain, & Prophetic Mormon Mythmaking
    Mormonism LIVE: 049: The Pre-Debate Tailgate Party
    Mormonism LIVE: 048: Mark Elwood & The Glass Looker

2021-10 (October)
    Mormonism LIVE: 047: Spooky Halloween Call In Show
    Mormonism LIVE: 047: Spooky Halloween Call In Show
    Mormonism LIVE: 046: Suicide Within Mormon History & Theology
    Mormonism LIVE: 045: Mormonism and Macbeth
    Mormonism LIVE: 044: Straw Man vs Steel Man: A Lesson In Rational Thinking

2021-09 (September)
    Mormonism LIVE: 043: Modern Day Mormon Danites
    Mormonism LIVE: 042: Revelation, Excommunications, Lies & Obfuscations: The 1886 John Taylor Divination
    Radio Free Mormon: 226: From TBM to RFM, Part 1
    Mormonism LIVE!: 041: Solving the LDS Church Homosexuality Issue
    Mormonism LIVE! 040: Symphony Of LGBT Mis-Direction & Mr. Holland Dopus
    Mormonism LIVE: 039: When Mission Presidents Behave Badly

2021-08 (August)
    Mormonism LIVE: 038: The Second Anointing
    Mormonism LIVE: 037: Why Hasn't RFM Been Excommunicated Yet?
    Mormonism LIVE: 036: Hostile Takeovers, Bailouts, & Other Backroom Deals
    Mormonism LIVE: 035: Will The Real Apostle Please Stand Up !

2021-07 (July)
    Mormonism LIVE: 034: Ask Us Almost Anything & More
    Mormonism LIVE: 033: President Nelson's Flight of Death
    Mormonism LIVE: 032: Lindsay Hansen Park - Troubling Aspects of Joseph Smith's Polygamy
    Mormonism LIVE: 031: Property Purchases & Changed Countenances
    Radio Free Mormon: 225: Kerry Shirts Interview (AKA The Backyard Professor)
    Mormonism LIVE: 030: Brass Balls - A Startling New Discovery in Mormon History?

2021-06 (June)
    Mormonism LIVE: 029: Another One Bites the Dust
    Radio Free Mormon: 224: General Conference Post Mortem, Part 6--The Sunday Afternoon Session!
    Mormonism LIVE: 028: John Dehlin and the Origination of Mormon Stories
    Radio Free Mormon: 223: LAZY LEARNERS OF THE WORLD, UNITE!
    Mormonism LIVE ! : 027: Spencer Wright - Apologetic Logical Fallacies
    Mormonism LIVE !: 026: Fact Checking Mormonism

2021-05 (May)
    Radio Free Mormon: 222: General Conference Post Mortem, Part 4--Sunday Morning Session
    Mormonism LIVE !: 025: The Adam God Deception
    Mormonism LIVE ! : 024: The Misogynisticly Unmentionable Heavenly Mother(s)
    Radio Free Mormon: 221: General Conference Post Mortem, Part 3--The Priesthood Session
    Mormonism LIVE !: 023: The Shame Game
    Mormonism LIVE !: 022: Strange Soundbites And Stranger Lies

2021-04 (April)
    Mormonism LIVE!: 021: Sexual Allegation Against John Dehlin Goes Down In Flames
    Radio Free Mormon: 220: General Conference Post Mortem, Part 2
    Mormonism LIVE: 020: Natasha Helfer's Court of Love & Kwaku's Bait And Switch
    Radio Free Mormon: 219: General Conference Post Mortem, April 2021, Part 1
    Mormonism LIVE: 019: Kwaku El Live in Studio
    Mormonism LIVE ! : 018: Lazy Learners & Shrinkage
    Radio Free Mormon: 218: Lying in Wait to Deceive
    Mormonism LIVE ! : 017: Mormon Minecraft

2021-03 (March)
    Radio Free Mormon: 217: Elder Oaks is NOT a Liar!
    Mormonism LIVE !: 016: Peek Stones, Sheep's Bones, and Gold Thrones all on Miner's Hill
    Mormonism LIVE !: 015: Tales of Hofmann
    Mormonism LIVE !: 014: How Can It Not Be True?
    Radio Free Mormon: 216: VIEW OF THE HEBREWS
    Radio Free Mormon: 215: CIVIL WAR! John Gee v. The Joseph Smith Papers Project
    Mormonism LIVE !: 013: What Bad Faith Looks Like

2021-02 (February)
    Radio Free Mormon: 214: General Conference Post Mortem October 2020 Part 2
    MORMONISM LIVE !: 012: The Funniest Missionary Story
    MORMONISM LIVE !: 011: The Rules of the Game
    MORMONISM LIVE !: 010: Demonic Possession, Exorcism, and Mormonism
    Radio Free Mormon: 213: BAD BLOOD
    MORMONISM LIVE !: 009: Elder David Bednar & Wendy Nelson, Has The Day Of Miracles Ceased?

2021-01 (January)
    MORMONISM LIVE !: 008: Keith Erekson Hoax Expert
    MORMONISM LIVE !: 007: Breakdown of Fireside by Director of Church History Library
    Radio Free Mormon: 212: Class Action Lawsuit Against LDS Church
    Mormonism LIVE !: 006: LDS Handbook Changes Part 2
    Radio Free Mormon: 211: Escape from Polygamy Mountain Part 2
    Mormonism LIVE !: 005: LDS Handbook Changes
    Radio Free Mormon: 210: DNA and the Book of Mormon

2020-12 (December)
    Mormonism LIVE !: 004: The Rise And Fall of Alma the Apologetic
    Mormonism LIVE!: 003: Mormonism's Quest for Acceptance
    Radio Free Mormon: 209: Christians v. Pharisees
    Radio Free Mormon: 208: Escape from Polygamy Mountain, Part 1
    Mormonism LIVE!: 002: FairMormon's New Book of Abraham Video
    Mormonism LIVE!: 001: What in Hell is Going on at FairMormon?!
    Radio Free Mormon: 207: "Heaven Up Here"
    Radio Free Mormon: 206: IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS!!!

2020-11 (November)
    Radio Free Mormon: 205: #GiveThanks
    Radio Free Mormon: 204: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

2020-10 (October)
    Radio Free Mormon: 203: Confessions of a CES Director
    Radio Free Mormon: 202: The David Bokovoy Interview Part 3
    Radio Free Mormon: 201: General Conference Post Mortem, Part 1
    Radio Free Mormon: 200: The David Bokovoy Interview, Part 2

2020-09 (September)
    Radio Free Mormon: 199: The David Bokovoy Interview, part 1
    Radio Free Mormon: 198: Defender of the Faith, Lecture 10, Grace v. Works
    Radio Free Mormon: 197: The Shawn McCraney Interview
    Radio Free Mormon: 196: The Games People Play
    Radio Free Mormon: 195: Book of Abraham Fireside

2020-08 (August)
    Radio Free Mormon: 194: Brave Sir Kerry (Muhlestein)
    Radio Free Mormon: 193: John Gee Comes Clean!
    Radio Free Mormon: 192: Rock Waterman Unplugged!
    Radio Free Mormon: 191: Dr. Robert K. Ritner on the Book of Abraham part 3
    Radio Free Mormon: 190: The Adam Clarke Connection
    Radio Free Mormon: 189: Dr. Robert K. Ritner on the Book of Abraham part 2

2020-07 (July)
    Radio Free Mormon: 188: Dr. Robert K. Ritner on the Book of Abraham part 1
    Radio Free Mormon: 187: "Borrowed Robes"--The JST's Reliance on the Adam Clarke Bible Commentary
    Radio Free Mormon: 186: The Temple and Me
    Radio Free Mormon: 185: Teaching at Church
    Radio Free Mormon: 184: The Brian Hauglid Interview

2020-06 (June)
    Radio Free Mormon: 183: An Evening with Carol Lynn Pearson
    Radio Free Mormon: 182: Born Again Mormons
    Radio Free Mormon: 181: The Illusion of Agency Part 2, The Gay Devotional
    Radio Free Mormon: 180: Ruling of the Utah State Records Committee
    Radio Free Mormon: 179: The Illusion of Agency

2020-05 (May)
    Radio Free Mormon: 178: Marriage on a Tightrope---Without a Net!
    Radio Free Mormon: 177: Abuse of Power
    Radio Free Mormon: 176: Born Again Book of Mormon Part 2
    Radio Free Mormon: 175: Born Again Book of Mormon
    Radio Free Mormon: 174: Wednesday Update!
    Radio Free Mormon: 173: The Fourteen Fundamentals of Following the Prophet
    Radio Free Mormon: 172: A Bad Defense is the Worst Offense Part 3
    Radio Free Mormon: 171: A Bad Defense is the Worst Offense Part 2
    Radio Free Mormon: 170: SPECIAL REPORT--Utah State Records Committee Hearing
    Radio Free Mormon: 169: A Bad Defense is the Worst Offense Part 1
    Radio Free Mormon: 168: My Last Talk in Sacrament Meeting
    Radio Free Mormon: 167: Tithing Refund!
    Radio Free Mormon: 166: The Antipathetic Polygamist
    Radio Free Mormon: 165: A Mormon in the Dance Department
    Radio Free Mormon: 164: Little Trouble in Big China
    Radio Free Mormon: 163: Magic and the Book of Mormon Part 2
    Radio Free Mormon: 162: John Larsen Interviews RFM
    Radio Free Mormon: 161: Magic and the Book of Mormon

2020-04 (April)
    Radio Free Mormon: 160: SPECIAL REPORT--MTC Sex Scandal Cover-Up
    Radio Free Mormon: 159: Revelation Revolution
    Radio Free Mormon: 158: Adam-God Finale
    Radio Free Mormon: 157: Bad Apologetics
    Radio Free Mormon: 156: Take Me Home, Country Roads
    Radio Free Mormon: 155: The Essay That Started It All!
    Radio Free Mormon: 154: The Restoration Proclamation
    Radio Free Mormon: 153: Gen Con Warm Up
    Radio Free Mormon: 152: Days of Thunder
    Radio Free Mormon: 151: Three Dimensional Chess
    Radio Free Mormon: 150: Wax On! Wax Off!
    Radio Free Mormon: 149: Overcoming Gravitational Fields
    Radio Free Mormon: 148: The Book of Mormon on Trial
    Radio Free Mormon: 147: Hiding in Plain Sight
    Radio Free Mormon: 146: That Time I Got Molested as a Kid
    Radio Free Mormon: 145: From Childhood's Hour
    Radio Free Mormon: 144: There Will Come Soft Rains
    Joseph Bishop - BYU PD Interview Released
    Radio Free Mormon: 143: MTC Sex Scandal--The Recordings Part 3
    Radio Free Mormon: 142: MTC Sex Scandal--The Recordings Part 2
    Radio Free Mormon: 141: MTC Sex Scandal--The Recordings Part 1
    Radio Free Mormon: 140: A Conference Unlike Any Other
    Radio Free Mormon: 139: General Conference McNuggets Part 8
    Radio Free Mormon: 138: General Conference McNuggets Part 7
    Radio Free Mormon: 137: General Conference McNuggets Part 6

2020-03 (March)
    Radio Free Mormon: 136: General Conference McNuggets Part 5
    Radio Free Mormon: 135: Gen Con McNuggets Part 4--Women's Session
    Radio Free Mormon: 134: General Conference McNuggets Part 3
    Radio Free Mormon: 133: General Conference McNuggets Part 2
    Radio Free Mormon: 132: General Conference McNuggets
    Radio Free Mormon: 131: My Corona
    Radio Free Mormon: 130: Backdating Prophecy
    Radio Free Mormon: 129: Lost in Translation Part 4
    Radio Free Mormon: 128: Lost in Translation Part 3

2020-02 (February)
    Radio Free Mormon: 127: Lost in Translation Part 2
    Radio Free Mormon: 126: Lost in Translation, Part 1
    Radio Free Mormon: 125: Defender of the Faith Lecture 9
    Radio Free Mormon: 124: Apostasy Now!

2020-01 (January)
    Radio Free Mormon: 123: Mormon Racism Revival
    Radio Free Mormon: 122: Resolving Spiritual Experiences
    Radio Free Mormon: 121: Defender of the Faith Lecture 8
    Radio Free Mormon: 120: How About an Apology for the Priesthood Ban?

2019-12 (December)
    Radio Free Mormon: 119: Hundred Billion Dollar Baby
    Radio Free Mormon: 118: A Radio Free Mormon Christmas
    Radio Free Mormon: 117: How Do You Solve a Problem Like Translation?
    Radio Free Mormon: 116: The Amazingly Subversive Terryl Givens
    Radio Free Mormon: 115: Arguing Against the Evidence

2019-11 (November)
    Radio Free Mormon: 114: Defender of the Faith Lecture 7
    Radio Free Mormon: 113: Mormon Stories Interview Part 7
    Radio Free Mormon: 112: Mormon Stories Interview Part 6
    Radio Free Mormon: 111: Mormon Stories Interview Part 5
    Radio Free Mormon: 110: Mormon Stories Interview Part 4
    Radio Free Mormon: 109: Mormon Stories Interview Part 3
    Radio Free Mormon: 108: Mormon Stories Interview Part 2
    Radio Free Mormon: 107: Mormon Stories Interview Part 1

2019-10 (October)
    Radio Free Mormon: 106: Halloween Special
    Radio Free Mormon: 105: Lila Tueller's Faith Journey
    Radio Free Mormon: 104: Defender of the Faith Lecture 6
    Radio Free Mormon: 103: An Interview with Patrick Mason
    Radio Free Mormon: 102: The Exaltation Complication
    Radio Free Mormon: 101: General Conference McNuggets

2019-09 (September)
    Radio Free Mormon: 100: Unanswered Prayers
    Radio Free Mormon: 99: The Prophet Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest
    Radio Free Mormon: 98: My Meeting with the Stake President
    Radio Free Mormon: 97: Elder Snow Goes Rogue
    Radio Free Mormon: 96: Defender of the Faith Part 5

2019-08 (August)
    Radio Free Mormon: 95: The Case for the Book of Mormon? Part 2
    Radio Free Mormon: 94: The Case for the Book of Mormon? Part 1
    Radio Free Mormon: 93: RFM Goes to Sunstone

2019-07 (July)
    Radio Free Mormon: 92: Going Down to Kwaku Town
    Radio Free Mormon: 91: Kwaku the Deceiver
    Radio Free Mormon: 90: Does the LDS Church Continue to Hide Its History?
    Radio Free Mormon: 89: Defender of the Faith Part 4
    Radio Free Mormon: 88: Defender of the Faith Part 3
    Radio Free Mormon: 87: Face to Face with Radio Free Mormon
    Radio Free Mormon: 86: RFM v. BYUPD: The Coverup Continues

2019-06 (June)
    Radio Free Mormon: 085: Was the 1835 First Vision Account Suppressed?
    Radio Free Mormon: 084: The Miracle Making of President Nelson
    Radio Free Mormon: 083: The Missing Sixteen Pages
    Radio Free Mormon: 082: Daniel Peterson Defends His Honor
    Radio Free Mormon: 081: Daniel C. Peterson: The Artful Dodger of Mormon Apologetics

2019-05 (May)
    Radio Free Mormon: 080: Will The Real McKenna Denson Please Stand Up!
    Radio Free Mormon: 079: Why Are Mormons So Fake
    Radio Free Mormon: 078: Defender Of The Faith Part 2
    Radio Free Mormon: 077: Defender Of The Faith Part 1
    Radio Free Mormon: 076: Spying For The Lord

2019-04 (April)
    Radio Free Mormon: 075: President Nelson Jumps The Shark

2019-03 (March)
    Radio Free Mormon: 074: FAIR is FOUL
    Radio Free Mormon: 073: The Pharisee Phenomenon Pt 3
    Radio Free Mormon: 072: The Pharisee Phenomenon Pt 2
    Radio Free Mormon: 071: The Pharisee Phenomenon Pt 1
    Radio Free Mormon: 070: The Corbridge Manuever - Part 2
    Radio Free Mormon: 069: The Corbridge Manuever - Part 1

2019-02 (February)
    Radio Free Mormon: 068: Research Is Not The Answer
    Radio Free Mormon: 067: The Book Of Abraham – Missing Scrolls, Catalyst Theories, and Bad Apologetics Part 3

2019-01 (January)
    Radio Free Mormon: 066: The Renlunds, A Dilapidated Dinghy, and Church Wack-A-Mole Part 3
    Radio Free Mormon: 065: The Renlunds, A Dilapidated Dinghy, and Church Wack-A-Mole Part 2
    Radio Free Mormon: 064: The Renlunds, A Dilapidated Dinghy, and Church Wack-A-Mole Part 1
    Radio Free Mormon: 063: Jubilee Retrospective
    Radio Free Mormon: 062: The More Things Change - IN THE TEMPLE - The More They Stay The Same

2018-12 (December)
    Radio Free Mormon: 061: The Book Of Abraham - Missing Scrolls, Catalyst Theories, and Bad Apologetics Part 2
    Radio Free Mormon: 060: The Book Of Abraham - Missing Scrolls, Catalyst Theories, and Bad Apologetics Part 1
    Radio Free Mormon: 59: The Crying Game Part 2
    Radio Free Mormon: 58: The Crying Game Part 1
    Radio Free Mormon: 057: Bill Reel's Disciplinary Council - The Recording

2018-11 (November)
    Radio Free Mormon After Dark: 056: Bill Reel's Disciplinary Council

2018-10 (October)
    Radio Free Mormon: 055: Treasure Digging with Joseph Smith and John Steinbeck
    Radio Free Mormon: 054: Elder Oaks Puts the Con into General Conference PART 2
    Radio Free Mormon: 053: Elder Oaks Puts the Con into General Conference PART 1
    Radio Free Mormon: 052: Gaslighting By The Numbers

2018-09 (September)
    Radio Free Mormon: 51: The Dissection of Elder Quentin L Cook's Face To Face On Church History

2018-08 (August)
    Radio Free Mormon: 050: A Whale of a Tale II - This Time It's Personal!
    Radio Free Mormon: 49: How To Not Answer Questions On Church History With Steven Harper Part 2
    Radio Free Mormon: 48: How To Not Answer Questions On Church History With Steven Harper Part 1
    Radio Free Mormon: 047: A Whale of A Tale

2018-07 (July)
    Radio Free Mormon: 046: General Conference Death March
    Radio Free Mormon—After Dark: 45: The McKenna Denson Interview Part 2
    Radio Free Mormon—After Dark: 44: The McKenna Denson Interview Part 1
    Radio Free Mormon: 043: Radio Free Mormon Wins A Victory On Appeal!!!!!

2018-06 (June)
    Radio Free Mormon: 042: Update on the Appeal Part 4 - State Records Commission
    Radio Free Mormon: 041: Selling Your Soul for Apologetics

2018-05 (May)
    Radio Free Mormon: 040: Church Sex Scandal Part 3 - The Appeal

2018-04 (April)
    Radio Free Mormon: 039: BYU Police Report Bombshells: MTC Sex Scandal Update
    Radio Free Mormon: 038: MTC Sex Scandal Investigation Update
    Radio Free Mormon: 37: Church Sex Scandal Cover-up Part 2

2018-03 (March)
    Radio Free Mormon: 36: Church Sex Scandal Cover-up
    Radio Free Mormon: 35: Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics Pt 3
    Radio Free Mormon: 34: Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics Pt 2
    Radio Free Mormon: 33: Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics Pt 1

2018-01 (January)
    Radio Free Mormon: 32: Illegitimate First Presidency
    Radio Free Mormon: 31: Dumbing Down Revelation

2017-12 (December)
    Radio Free Mormon: 30: Holiday Special 2017
    Radio Free Mormon: 029: The Ghost of Homophobia Past
    Transcript of Radio Free Mormon's Episode: 028: Elder Ballard Blows Up The Church

2017-11 (November)
    Radio Free Mormon: 027: Elder Ballard Blows Up The Church
    Radio Free Mormon: 026: Making Doctrine Out Of Nothing At All
    Radio Free Mormon: 25: General Conference Post Mortem October 2017 Part 3
    Radio Free Mormon: 24: Table Scraps, Train Wrecks, And Information Avoidance

2017-10 (October)
    Radio Free Mormon: 23: General Conference Post Mortem October 2017 Part 2
    Radio Free Mormon: 22: General Conference Post Mortem October 2017 Part 1
    Radio Free Mormon: : 21: The Backdrop and Context of The Family A Proclamation to the World

2017-09 (September)
    Radio Free Mormon: 20: Faith Not To Be Healed
    Radio Free Mormon: 19: True Believing Mormon

2017-08 (August)
    Radio Free Mormon: 18: Make Way For Dodos

2017-07 (July)
    Radio Free Mormon: 17: Apostolic Coup-D- Etat pt 2
    Radio Free Mormon: 16: Apostolic Coup-D- Etat

2017-06 (June)
    Radio Free Mormon: 15: New Evidence for The Book Of Mormon
    Radio Free Mormon: 14: Murder Most Foul

2017-05 (May)
    Radio Free Mormon: 13: Wrong Roads

2017-04 (April)
    Radio Free Mormon: 12: April 2017 Conference Autopsy Report
    Radio Free Mormon: 11: April 2017 General Conference Review Pt 2
    Radio Free Mormon: 10: April 2017 General Conference Review Pt 1

2017-03 (March)
    Radio Free Mormon: 009: A Spirited Debate
    Radio Free Mormon: 008: The Amazing Contradicting Joseph Smith

2017-02 (February)
    Radio Free Mormon: 007: Have LDS Apostles Seen Jesus?

2017-01 (January)
    Radio Free Mormon: 006: Denying Church History
    Radio Free Mormon: 005: Make Way For Milk Strippings

2016-12 (December)
    Radio Free Mormon: 004: Christmas 2016

2016-11 (November)
    Radio Free Mormon: 003: Hiding Church History
    Radio Free Mormon: 002: The Reluctant Revelation

2016-10 (October)
    Radio Free Mormon: 001: The Great Mormon History Coverup

20 thoughts on “Archive

  1. The Pharisee Phenomenon
    Great podcast RFM. Very confirming of my belief that the Church can only be mended from the bottom up or by a coup at the first 15 level. Let me give examples of very real non-pharisaic behavior that I have seen at the grass roots level. (All a long way from Utah)
    The Bishop who shows up at Church in his lava-lava (Native dress) in flip flops and painted toe-nails. “Bishop why are your toe-nails painted red?” “Oh, me and my son did them last night. He wanted to do his and I let him do mine as well” His son is Gay.
    The Bishop who comes and sits on the carpet in the lounge of an aging 87 year old sister and just chats – totally unconscious of time. And, in addition ensures that every Sunday this home-bound grand-mother receives the sacrament.
    The counselor who does not ask the inappropriate temple garment question of anyone and quietly claims. “It is not right to ask people about their underwear.”
    The Stake President who without hesitation marches the church member who he has learned is a sexual predator to the police station.
    The Bishop and the Stake President who determine not to ex-communicate someone who has joined another church but still supports Christian principles, even though this was the expectation.
    The Bishop who sits with a teachers’ quorum that was breaking universal honesty principles and says, “I have had enough of this Bull-shit behavior; boys it is time to get your act together.”

  2. RFM you are brilliant! My faith foundation has collapsed and crumbled to Oblivion. Your podcast and deep analysis on contradictory points of doctrine and messages from apostles salitifies my decision to step back from this cult quietly. I’m surrounded by believers and run a business. I suppose I’m a wolf in sheep’s clothing as the scripture goes. A threat. I can’t subscribe to a organization that discriminates at each turn any longer. Thanks brother. May truth be our guiding star! Cheers to health and happiness.

  3. I wish I could get a written transcript for most of these gems even if there was a fee for each one.

  4. Someone just turned me onto your podcast. Yes, there is an Apostasy that happened June 27, 1844. Brigham Young had Anti-Polygamist and Abolitionist Joseph Smith assassinated to obfuscate the fact that the main message of the Book of Mormon is to stop the “Satanic Secret Combinations” from destroying the “Standard of Liberty” or U.S. Constitution. I have followed the money trail from Rothschild bank agents Kuhn Loeb who financed the Pioneers trip to Salt Lake, Brigham Young; E.H. Harriman; Rockefellers; The FEDERAL RESERVE; Marriner Stoddard Eccles; Union Pacific Railroad (Young promoted board of directors); Prescott Bush (Union Bank who financed Hitler); George H. W. Bush; CIA-FBI Mormon Mafia; JFK Assassination; Watergate Break-In; CIA Dallin H. Oaks hired the returned missionary operative who left the door open at Watergate Hotel for E. Howard Hunt; Oaks authored Fed. laws on “Search & Seizure” in the false “War on Drugs;” and Mormon Chairman of Continental Bank who introduced HEROIN to Chicago with the Vatican Bank in 1959.

    And I’ve posted more than 100 videos of the Bush-Clinton cartel drug trafficking by Oaks, his son-in-law and family proxies in Illinois.


    • I came to the same conclusion about Brigham .i have more information you might like to know about the original covenant that Joseph Smith brought to us. Interested? 909-768-1982

  5. Have you thought much about selling apparel? I’d like a t-shirt – sized XL

  6. Have you thought much about selling apparel? I’d like a t-shirt – sized XL

  7. Recently finished binging all episodes. Eagerly awaiting your next release. Hopefully your podcast will continue for many more episodes because I can’t get enough! p.s. your premium subscriber link is broken. My wife and I have recently quit paying tithing and need a worthy cause to contribute to.

    • Thanks for your kind words, Jeff!

      The premium subscriber link does not work because I have no premium content.

      I release everything publicly at the same time.

      But if you want to contribute, and I greatly hope that you and your wife do (!), please go to and contribute there!

      Thanks again so much!

  8. Lost in translation part 1. New level achieved. How is it that you continue to get better and better?

    This episode more than any other spoke to me.

    Your way of forming an argument, creating reasonable steps towards assumptions and making your points are so excellent! Your lawyer speak is on point. My thanks to you.

    As one barking dog snapping at the heels of weary travelers to another…

    I heart your content.

  9. I really appreciate you and your ability to laugh at the last 40 years (mine has only been a short 30 years)…. Your knowledge is amazing!!!! Thank you for all you do

  10. RFM, i have totally enjoyed the podcasts. Thank you for those. I only discovered you about 3 months ago and because i have a lot of time on my hands, i have been able to listen to most of your podcasts. You and I have a few things in common:
    A) we both attended UT (Austin) I did a Ph.D. in literature.
    B) we both joined the church in 1978 i was 19.
    C) we both served missions 1980-82
    D) we both have a daughter that won’t speak to us
    E) we both devour lds church history

  11. Thank you for your podcasts. They are very helpful to me in my faith transition.

    • Yes! You could put it in the comments section for the most recent podcast (I check those regularly) or you could email Bill Reel at his address given on the mormondiscussionspodcast web page and he does a good job of forwarding those to me.



  12. Which Prophets have said they seen and spoken to God the father and his son Jesus Christ face to face and not in a vision as Joseph Smith did.

  13. I sing R.E.M.’s Radio Free Europe in my head almost everytime I come to your site. Although it is not their biggest hit… Weird Alma could totally do something with that!

  14. RMF, I just discovered you and have become addicted to your show. Thank you. Planning to donate, just don’t have my card right this instant. But in the meantime, have you ever considered the edits in the introduction of the Book of Mormon 1982 versus the current digital edition? They surgically (lawyerly) backed off the laminates/native American connection in classic gas lighting. Same thing in the introduction to the Book of Abraham. I’d love to hear what you can find out and what you have to say about it.

  15. The real reason RMN is taking apart the SLC TEMPLE, so he can use a piece of the temple for his very own headstone. Narcissism combined with vanity at its most obvious. And he has put it on display for the world to admire.

  16. I was thinking. The incident at Mozambique is extra weird for this reason. The prophet, and GA’s don’t go anywhere without security guards. Where are they in this story. Just sayin.

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