Radio Free Mormon: 005: Make Way For Milk Strippings


Today “Radio Free Mormon” continues with its newest episode “Make Way For Milk Strippings”.  This episode delves into the apostasy and separation of Thomas Marsh from the Church.  The story we have been told is that Marsh stuck up for and defended his wife over her feeling that a verbal agreement with a neighbor over milk and strippings was broken and she desired to be found justified in her disagreement.  This episode delves into the deeper history and the more complicated but also historically accurate reasons for Marsh’s seperation from the Church.

While Marsh was dealing with multiple reasons for a loss of faith we also discover new connections behind this story.  Namely what Marsh and his wife Elizabeth did not know was that this neighbor, Lucinda Harris, in dispute with Elizabeth over the milk and strippings is the a plural wife of the Prophet Joseph Smith and enters a relationship with Joseph earlier that same year, 1838, unknown to almost anyone.  So when she and Thomas appeal to the first presidency they realize just how little Brother Joseph wants to side against Lucinda or put her name into the public conversation.


The Church’s account of Marsh’s apostasy

Mormon Stories sharing background

By Common Consent’s recounting

Juvenile Instructor’s recounting

Lucinda Harris – 3rd polygamous wife of Joseph Smith

Brian Hales Evidence of Lucinda’s relationship to Joseph

Year Of Polygamy – Lucinda Harris



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