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Radio Free Mormon: 039: BYU Police Report Bombshells: MTC Sex Scandal Update

Radio Free Mormon wanting to ensure listeners are kept up to date on the MTC scandal issues another episode keeping us in the loop.  This time RFM helps us make connection to the redacted police report that he has only learned in recent days.  Where is he getting this info?????  Who knows but we the listeners are the benefactors.  This story is full of secrets and RFM Cloak and Dagger approach is going to get to the bottom of it and this is one more step along the way.

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5 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 039: BYU Police Report Bombshells: MTC Sex Scandal Update”

  1. Bravo RFM.

    The tangled web grows more intriguing by the moment.

    Indeed, what did you know and when did you know it? seems to be the point of interest at this moment.

    The inclusion of ‘Young Girl’ at the end of your podcast will change what I think about that pop tune forever more.

    Love, love, love your excellent podcasts.

  2. I have no faith crisis. This story could have triggered my church crisis, but I already went through that long ago.
    This story makes me sick – to say the least. I am appalled, outraged and disappointed.
    Thanks for the time and effort you had to put into the research. You do a great job for the Mormons. We are a truth-loving people are’nt we.
    My sincere sympathy goes to the victims.
    I suppose you have touched the tip of the Iceberg. I would not be surprised if more people will come forward with their story. Good luck.

  3. When I was a Mormon I always wondered why God filled his church with so many bumbling idiots. (Every bishop I ever had for example) Answer :yes they’re bumbling idiots but no diety involved,

    1. Yeah, problem is… it was MEN who filled the church with bumbling idiots. And all this time, we thought God was actually running the church. Of course, they want the rank and file member to believe that. Keeps them in line.

  4. Really good podcast. Great information and investigative work into a horrific abuse of power and what appears to be a subsequent cover-up. My only comment is that you should avoid age as an issue. I’ve heard the victim mentioned as a “teenager” from time-to-time and that is simply not accurate. No woman would have been allowed to serve before they were 21 years of age in 1984. The age change was not until 2010 to allow 19 year old women to serve. Anyone 21 years of age or above is not a teenager, nor a girl. Your exit music “Young Girl” emphasized this inaccurate point as that song is clearly about an underage girl–not a woman 21 or older. I would just suggest you avoid age as an issue as there are plenty of legitimate issues to hash out on this horrific issue.

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