Radio Free Mormon: 033: Selling Your Soul for Apologetics

RFM takes issue with the Logical Fallacies, Deceptiveness, and Blatant Lies by LDS Apologist Dan Peterson in his article “Defending the Faith: The supposed scandal of multiple First Vision accounts”.  In the article Daniel Peterson goes to great lengths to frame the public awareness of the multiple first vision accounts in a faithful context.  Sadly in order to do so, Dan must avoid telling people the problematic details and even go so far as to lie about the history of how and why the 1832 account was obscured for so long.  RFM even goes to show using both a personal interaction with Daniel as well as public audio from Elder Holland that obfuscation and dishonesty is par for the course when trying to defend the Church using apologetics.


Elder Holland lying and obfuscating with BBC interviewer

Stan Larsen’s Dialogue Article (Absolute Must Read for Latter-Day Saints who want to understand the History of the First Vision Accounts)



6 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 033: Selling Your Soul for Apologetics

  1. Thank you for this podcast. Many of us have recognized Peterson’s “inique” behavior over the last several decades. You might be interested to see some other well documented behavior from Peterson. Here are just a few examples out of thousands:

    Peterson telling a respected LDS scholar to go to hell:


    Apology for posting racist pictures on the internet:


    Peterson’s misogyny:



    Examples of Peterson’s plagarism:







    Examples of Peterson caught lying:






    Peterson’s ethical lapses:




  2. Brilliant! I applaud any effort to make the church a more open and honest place of worship.

    Daniel Peterson feels the opposite.

  3. I always laugh my a$$ off when they go on about how transparent they are. “We’re totally transparent. It’s up to you to find that info. We’re offended you would say we hide it. It’s readily available in the basement of church archives, locked-up, in a vault, away from prying anti-Mormon eyes…”

  4. Danny Boy once came after me on his personal blog. He couldn’t refute anything I said (which was quoting the Book of Mormon), of course, so he resorted to calling me names. Quite a fellow.

  5. Daniel C. Peterson was absolutely lying by not acknowledging that there were men named Alma living in New York during the time Joseph Smith wrote the BOM! It’s called a ‘lie by omission.” I’m surprised you didn’t mention this, RFM, considering you’re an attorney.

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