Radio Free Mormon: 056: Research Is Not The Answer

Today RFM tackles Elder Oaks suggestion that in helping a doubting spouse overcome their doubt, that research is not the answer.

RFM walks us through his own journey in the Church showing us that the LDS Church prior to the internet age encouraged its members to be scripturians and Doctrinares. RFM Shows us that when research was an impetus to faith, Research was the answer…… And only once the internet age hit and Research became a detriment to faith that the Church is revising its approach to Research is NOT the Answer.






5 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 056: Research Is Not The Answer

  1. I love RFM podcasts, but I cannot support you financially. i will miss hearing them but no can do.
    This new one was great.

  2. RFM I love your stuff, but this one really felt like you went down a tangent for the entire podcast and never addressed the title of the episode head on.

    Your BOA episodes were phenomenal, this comment is just some constructive criticism for future episodes.


  3. I loved the walk down memory lane. I could relate to so much of your story. I had all the institute manuals and the handouts in binders, etc. When you talked about the Sperry Symposium books I couldn’t believe it. I can remember the exact moment and where I was standing in my house when I suddenly had the realization that these religious experts were just quoting themselves and each other and the same scriptures and references over and over.

    Then I noticed how all the “so-called” anti-Mormons were doing real research and actually citing primary sources and documents. Imagine that!!!
    love you brother.

  4. “Research is not the answer.”
    Whether this statement is true depends on the question being asked.

    If the question is, “What’s one of the quickest ways to lose your faith in the LDS church’s truth claims?”, then research is indeed the answer.

  5. Gotta love how insecure the corporation is in people finding out answers for themselves. If it really did have all of God’s truth, wouldn’t it be able to stand up to any kind of scrutiny?

    Sounds like quite a bit of shaky faith, IMO.

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