Radio Free Mormon: 060: The Pharisee Phenomenon Pt 2

Today Radio Free Mormon share with us the “Pharisee Phenomenon” as found in the LDS Church.   Running through 12 examples where all the fun lies.  RFM shows us what it means to be pharisaical in the LDS Church.  Its not everyday you get to explore LDS Leaders practicing or advocating strict observance of external forms and ceremonies of religion or conduct without regard to the spirit.


3 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 060: The Pharisee Phenomenon Pt 2

  1. Ugh! I had just gotten my second piercing done for my 13th birthday in February 2000, and in April was saddened that Hinckley announced that I was being unrighteous. I took the earrings out and let them close up as part of a deal with my guy friends that they’d stop watching rated R movies. My piercing closed up, and they didn’t stop watching rated R movies 🙄. I used that as an example of my righteousness and commitment to the prophets, because “If you can’t be obedient in the little things, it’ll be harder to be obedient in the big things when adversity comes”. I also didn’t drink any caffeine after that time (with very very few exceptions) until I started drinking coffee last year, haha.

    My favorite local talk from my youth was during stake conference during my senior year and was entitled “President Hinckley is Right, and You’re Wrong”, and I took that to heart 100%. It was clear cut, Oaks-style, black and white, easy to understand.

    I also had a seminary teacher who talked about uncrossing his legs during prayers, so I took that on also and always uncrossed my legs during a prayer. Thankfully I didn’t impose that on others, but I definitely felt somewhat self-righteous for my extra observance.

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