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Radio Free Mormon: 073: The Pharisee Phenomenon Pt 3

Today Radio Free Mormon share with us the “Pharisee Phenomenon” as found in the LDS Church.   Running through 12 examples where all the fun lies.  RFM shows us what it means to be pharisaical in the LDS Church.  Its not everyday you get to explore LDS Leaders practicing or advocating strict observance of external forms and ceremonies of religion or conduct without regard to the spirit.  Part 3 of 3

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9 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 073: The Pharisee Phenomenon Pt 3”

  1. I loved this conclusion to this series! Tithing was a sore spot for me since I grew up in a family that didn’t have much after the housing market collapsed. Hopefully TBM’s listen to this and see how restrictive pharisaism is and how it “others” those who are less fortunate or different.

  2. RFM,
    I love your point that open, honest, discussion, debate, and analysis aren’t allowed because the approved narrative can’t possibly win in the marketplace of ideas. (paraphrasing you….)

  3. I recall reading a book titled “Life’s Little Instruction Book for Latter-Day Saints” many years ago. Recalling it now, the appropriate title would be “How to be the Perfect LDS Pharisee.”

    For crying out loud, it had things like, “Remove your sunglasses before entering the chapel,” and “Avoid the appearance of evil, do not drink non-alcoholic beer in public.”

  4. Without being too generous, it is an observation that both Russell Nelson and Dallin Oaks are steeped in pharisical belief. It has been made clear ( under the eyes of other Mormon prophets) and over many years how they personally feel about dress, priesthood prominence above women, imagery protocols, and especially the name of the church. I find it humorous that Nelson now claims revelation over removing the word Mormon, when he has been preaching the same over the pulpit in past conferences. Can this really go unnoticed by the church membership? I am reminded of a song by Pete Seeger, “we’re waist deep in the big muddy, and the big fool says to push on.”

  5. Have to say, isn’t it funny that for the Primary Program, the leaders can sit down with their families, but NOT during a missionary farewell or even a funeral?? What does that say?

  6. A RFM Follower Says,

    Many cheers for your thorough coverage of topics which deserve to be scrutinized. I do appreciate the time you put into this service, even though I could not venture a close guess as to how much time you do devote. As you diligently dig for the truth, the Mormon-Church-Shovel tries to keep-up and cover-up the holes you make in what they want to believe are their airtight actions and often reactions.

    Love the name and music.

  7. Loving this episode, in regards to the question at 47 minutes into the podcast you ask if foot note 46 was originally in the essay, well back when I became aware of the church essays I did copy them and saved the files, so as of Feb 13, 2015, foot note 46 was indeed in their published essay.

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