Radio Free Mormon: 062: FAIR is FOUL

Today RFM sits down with Bill Reel to discuss his time in FairMormon as way into seeing how FairMormon operates.  They discuss How Bill was recruited to be part of FairMormon, what his involvement was including FairMormon winning the 2013 Podcast Awards with Bill being a heavy contributor to their podcast that year.  What all went into their falling out and how FairMormon operates behind the scenes.


7 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 062: FAIR is FOUL

  1. Love your podcasts! Starting off with the dilemma of Fair Mormon’s name in regards to Pres. Nelson’s statement of how God and Christ are offended by the use of “Mormon” and killing it with Bednar’s statement to choose not to be offended, was brilliant! It was good to know the inside workings of Fair Mormon and knowing that they, like the LDS Church, cover, hide and really don’t answer the difficult questions.

  2. Your ability to select such appt classic music in reference to your podcasts is uncanny and awe-inspiring. I salute you! Thank you so much for your hard work in creating you informative and enlightening content.

  3. I love Your podcasts. They are always full great content. It does, however, seem like a 30 minute podcast gets turned into 2 hours when Bill is involved?

  4. I am surprised about the way fairmormon shut up Bill Reel. To silence people like that and completely delete their names is a form of fascism. The church is doing the same with its critics. These are interesting times.
    Anyway some of the lectures on the fairmormon webpage are very interesting indeed.

  5. Hey, are you Coast Guard? You start your podcast with the Coast Guard Battle Hymn, took me off guard a bit. Wondering why you chose Semper Paramus as your intro. Love the podcast! Keep it up!

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