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Radio Free Mormon: 98: My Meeting with the Stake President

Tonight Radio Free Mormon tells us all about his meeting with the stake president.

This is gonna be one for the record books!


5 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 98: My Meeting with the Stake President”

  1. When asked recently why I listen to you, I replied that each podcast is like having a conversation with an old friend. Your cadence, phrasing and laughter keeps the podcast authentic. Thank you, and keep sharing with us.

  2. Relating to the fact that the church leadership has input on the artwork used I would like to share the following:
    While on my mission I looked at the 15 as spiritual rock stars. I was so certain that they conversed with JC face to face, just as you described in episode 7 “Have LDS Apostles Seen Jesus?”. A painting that really stood out to me was Del Parson’s “Christ in Red Robe”. After sharing with a mission companion that it was my favorite painting of JC, my companion informed me that during the process of developing this painting Del Parson would meet with members of the 15, whom would make reccomendations on what Del needed to alter in order to make the painting resemble what JC really looked like. The story goes that it took 10 or so meetings and consequent alterations to the painting before the 15 were happy with the portrait. Thus, I felt the reason I liked the painting so much is because it accurately resembled what JC realy looked like. About a year after I was home from my mission I was at Swiss Days, (an art & goods convention in Midway, Utah). Del Parson had a booth and was selling his artwork. I jumped on the opportunity to purchase my favorite portrait of JC and have it signed by the artist himself. I shared with him the story my companion shared with me and asked him if there were any truth behind it, to which he responded “I don’t know if we met 10 times but yes, it is true”.

  3. So…what does “shelf getting nuked” mean? I tried figuring this out with the internet but was unsuccessful. I get the gist of it from the story, but am hoping someone can provide a definition of what a “shelf” means in this phrase.

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