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Radio Free Mormon: 100: Unanswered Prayers

Does God answer all the prayers of his righteous children?  Church leaders say yes.  Tonight, Radio Free Mormon puts this claim under the microscope, and also shares some personal stories dealing with the issue.


5 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 100: Unanswered Prayers”

  1. Great podcast. The LDS Bible Dictionary entry for prayer always triggers me. God won’t answer prayers that aren’t offered in the name of Jesus Christ? Are you kidding? I tried to picture God listening to a prayer then saying “Sorry, I’m not going to answer since you didn’t end it correctly”. I just couldn’t do it. Then I realized believing members are praying to a god that would command a 37-year-old prophet to marry a 14-year-old child. Kind of sounds like the same god that would worry about how a prayer is ended. If that’s who I’m expected to pray to, I’ll politely decline and find a different path.

  2. Hi RFM, love the podcast!

    So, I worked at the Church Office Building from 2010 to 2017, and I know that one of Brook Hales’ sons works there as a security officer. If he is indeed the son referred to in his talk, then you are correct in assuming that it is church employment that was the son’s “wrong road” that proved to the the “better” outcome. However, while working there on the security team, this son met a woman who also was a Church employee at the time and they married in 2014 or 2015. So, I suppose the chief “eternal” consequence of this improved employment that Elder Hales refers to might be the meeting his spouse.

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