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Radio Free Mormon: 101: General Conference McNuggets

This podcast squeezes in a ton of spiritual nuggets from last General Conference.

Fast paced and engaging, this is one you won’t want to miss!


6 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 101: General Conference McNuggets”

  1. The most recent (Oct. 2019) Conference was a doozy. Oaks indirectly admitted the church still practices polygamy. Eyring indirectly admitted they put the church leaders above God. Nelson reminded everyone how to be a “perfect” (cult) member.

  2. Eyring’s habit of telling people what they’re feeling may be rare but it’s not rare at all to be told what our feelings mean by Mormon leaders. Good feelings =The Spirit, bad feelings=Satan. I clearly remember as I was taking the discussions the missionaries telling me that my good feelings were from God telling me the church was true. I never thought to question that. After who doesn’t want to believe that God is mindful of us and will answer when we ask? It’s a very gratifying interpretation. And at age 16 I was probably the only demographic that could look up to 19 year old boys and see them as mature wise men!🤣. It wasn’t until 40 years later when the majority of facts and experiences I had with Mormonism contradicted those early feelings that I gave myself permission to interpret them early feelings myself.

  3. Elder Eyring crying on cue whenever he speaks in conference could be a phenomenon related to Pavlov’s dog salivating at the ringing of the bell.

  4. Thank you for kicking and scaring the big dog away to save the smaller dog, Radio Free Mormon! ❤️ Keep speaking your truths.

    My nugget was when Ucdorf quoted The Hobbit. I noticed some other similarities between the church leaders and the dwarves protecting their hoard of treasure. The heart of the mountain in this analogy is the good people left in the church. Without them, all they have is money and empty buildings. If Ucdorf wants to save the day, he would need to give members their freedom and voice back. Very perilous journey that would be indeed. Lift where you stand people.

  5. We had another example of inappropriate laughter during one of Oaks’ talks this last October conference, when he told about the woman who was worried about polygamy in the afterlife. Thanks for the podcasts!

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